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10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Blogging

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   1.    Blogging is the ultimate platform for human self – expression.

Let us face it, our sanity depends upon how we ride out our worst moods seeking expression in a hundred, even thousands of absurd, horrid ways. Those who fall victim to the negative drive and found pleasure in doing it becomes a victim and was caught up doing it all over again to feed the monster within. I suppose that was how “Jack the Ripper” started up picking a knife instead of a paint brush to slaughter his victims. On the other hand, Vincent Van Gogh did picked up a brush and made such exquisite paintings before losing his sanity, no harm done. Whatever field of endeavor you chose to express yourself be it in fishing, carpentry or painting need not be left as it was in the old days. You can excel in your chosen field and write about it in a blog. Or you could feature your works in a blog and gain some following and in a way and promote your product. There are different ways of skinning a cat. In the same way, while you blog you can do whichever approach you want. You can write a life journal, some DIY tips or the like or opinions about any subject you want. Unleashing that monster within to make use of the intellect is the best achievement we could do unless of course you are deprived the access to a desktop computer, laptop or lack the broadband connection to surf the net.   

    2.  It is the platform to air your differences when you feel lost.

There’s a saying that goes that you may speak up the right words to a wrong man and spoil your words or you may speak up the wrong words to the right one and still be misunderstood. You may have heard of a lover proposing to a lady with the sincerest words that wasn’t heard but the lady in turn fall for a simple wink of an eye from a guy who just happen to pass by. At work you may have been sacked despite your loyalty to the company while another lazy colleague earned a promotion as you leave. This random display of ironic circumstances could make all of us disoriented which way to go. Have you heard how many employees were sacked during the onset of the world crisis back in 2009 just for posting some opinions at facebook like, “my work sucks”, “my job is boring”, or “my boss is a nerd”, etc. I suppose this people were just fortunate to be on facebook but unfortunate not to learn to blog. When you have learn your way in blogging to express yourself in a distinct clandestine way that wouldn’t hurt even one sensitive, emotional fly buzzing around, I bet you have found yourself twice or even more. At work you are definitely your boss’ extension of himself as he tries to make orders that will direct you to accomplish tasks at your own effort. In blogging you are definitely your own boss as you direct words to accomplish what it need to deliver to your readers so your point is well understood. When you have earned your first few bucks in writing it may seem incomparable to your salary but you must realize that you earned that to glorify your name, not your boss.   

     3.  It gives you access to be remembered indefinitely when you suddenly go offline.

Being alive puts us online. You may not really appreciate it when your kidneys are functioning well to filter your blood or your heart pumps well to bring the blood all through your veins to be delivered to the different body organs. Your lungs in turn fill with air as you breathe and push it out in a cycle to draw in fresh air as you inhale to supply oxygen to the blood and thus keep your whole body system online. All goes well but when any of these organs fail to do their job, we ultimately fail as well. Being open about the possibility that we will fail when our time comes, our loved ones will be left with our memories to cherish. Picture albums were common fanfare of the olden days and I suppose they still do in the countryside. In the Philippines, the wake is normally made up of relatives of the departed conversing to the people who come in to pay their last respects to the subject. You will be amazed how your loved ones and the people come in terms to agree upon how you have lived your life as they feast upon your story line how you lived it (which is unfair as either of us lie there deprived of the freedom to air our side when we go offline). But consider the shift if our loved ones were given access to our blogs and as they may have independent perceptions about our lifetime, we still have our blogs right there to defend ourselves. They will certainly have a wealth of information and release from our loss and they will no doubt cherish our blogs as the last repository of our life’s works. So that only requires that we give it our best when we write.  

      4.  It gives you access to unlimited feedbacks from fellow writers from different life disciplines.

Online writing is international, thanks to the internet. I still remember having written some articles for a column in a newspaper which unfortunately got rejected a couple of times when I was still in the Philippines. I may have learned blogging late when I finally opted to leave the Philippines for the UK but a year and a month of doing it definitely earned me some big change in my life. The earnings were not that promising but I suppose as a passive source of income it does represents a crude start of a promising career in writing. In Triond I have met fellow writers which became my friends and I have actually supported one by buying his first published book and another by subscribing to his e-book novel online. I actually have most of them here who became my circle of writer-friends online. Sharing a thing or two about blogging is a very helpful way of improving one’s writing skills. Of course it is still strange that some people who alienate from blogging will discourage you to blog but he/she may be active at facebook. I’m not on facebook so I find it amusing to show my face if my life is an empty book. In blogging we either consciously or unconsciously write the pages of a book and soon afterwards the book’s face does begin to show up. Facebook or blogging you could pick up your choice or opt for both. The latter proves a wise approach for high earning bloggers.   

     5.   It allows you to develop your personality in writing.

Don’t tell me you have to deal with people through politics and catch up with the night life to develop your personality in socializing. Parties, social gatherings and all that if you have enough money is very promising if you are a business tycoon aiming to promote your business but if you are as hungry as I am hoping for some earnings in writing online, I suppose you don’t need much personality in order to learn to blog. When you have established yourself in blogging however and finally started it out, you will just be amaze at how people (even stranger to you) just happen to pass by and leave a comment on your blog and that simply feels incomparable to a bottle of beer or a glass of wine you will have to spill out in hosting parties or attending it. Working out your mind to write blogs will open you to a different level of heightened awareness as you are compelled to broaden your knowledge. Your personality is thus developed by rediscovering yourself and your potential at being independent not being dependent upon people and what they could do to change your life when you are prone to stick to the social trend. Stability of mind and self-confidence are among the good things you could expect in being a dedicated blogger. You can’t hope to be a successful public personality which commands attention as a result of socialization and in worst times just end up being a nervous wreck. A fast life made up of late night parties, booze and drugs often lead that way.  

     6.  If you wish to leave a mark on your life but failed, your writing might just get heard.

History has lots of famous poets and writers posthumously honored through their works in the archives. I suppose given the present technology nobody would opt for that same end in the likelihood of Emily Dickinson. The advent of the internet and eventually the introduction of blogging as a workable hobby eventually made a revolutionary end to any possible posthumous recognition for a promising writer.  It just depends of course to the location or geographical set up of any promising blogger where the basic conditions of a link to the internet or the possession of a workable computer to make any possible writing is prevented by the circumstances. The World Wide Web is an imaginary portal which links any promising writer to the world at a mere touch of a button. Before I started blogging, I actually had my time writing journals on a piece of scribble pad and notebooks which have accumulated through the years and some had been feasted by termites on the attic. Every promising writer has the best technology on hand at the moment and if there’s anything worse that could stop him to pursue that end I suppose it is simply an issue about attitude.

      7.  It is always good to reminisce the good old days making some homework in English.

Well who could forget school days? You probably remember those times your English teacher gave you some homework to do at home or when your science teacher assigned you some research work. Some essay writing or research work in science would be such a bore those times when you need a hard copy of the reference book as a companion before you could hope to accomplish your homework but now things just got a little bit easy. The thing is if you dislike writing the same way you dislike your English subject decades back, blogging can’t do some help for you. But if you have to face it, we have to accept the reality of preparing a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or a resume once in a while before we could hope to land a job. If you have a job in an office, your boss will require you to do some paperworks and there you are again back in writing. So if you have a change of heart, embrace writing, you could probably end up offline unfulfilled to make your life better where you may have given it a fighting chance if you learned how to read and write and publish blogs online. Writing blogs, doesn’t give you a passing mark or anything like that in school but if your English could pass publication even though there maybe some clerical or grammatical errors, isn’t it a bit amusing? Well of course I don’t tolerate errors in writing but I’m absolutely certain not all best-selling authors (except for J.K. Rowling and others I haven’t heard of) started out as English teachers.  

     8.   Lost love, lost job, and anything frustrating gets an inspiring twist for writing.

Remember the old days where some agencies advertise “Dial a Friend” when you feel lost? That was decades back when anyone caught up with perennial problems such as teenage pregnancy and drug addiction to self abuse has the likelihood to commit suicide among other things so they organize that counseling helpline. Everyone needs somebody to talk to during those harsh times but this time even that issue could stem out a blog topic which could earn readership and some advice. If you lost your job or your love partner broke up with you for some reason, there’s always the fitting topic for that. “Do not fear the winds of adversity. Remember a kite rises against the wind rather than with it”, so goes the saying. So before you fall prey upon somebody posing to offer help and gain something much worse, why not help yourself out and let that frustration pass out in a blog? 

      9.  It is the perfect medium of expression in a technological age as such as this unless you prefer to start life anew in the mountains.

Technology brings with it new trends in fashion and home entertainment. Unless we choose to live a secluded life away from society or civilization as a whole, we just couldn’t deny it. Our conformity with the changing times from using a handheld mobile phone to watching the show via cable TV does make our lives better or miserable how we take it. The fact of life is when you spend your time outside when you are out from work could result to more spending compared to the time you consume when you stay at home. Of course when you are using a computer and an internet connection you are liable to pay the monthly bill but I’m quite sure it’s not as big as what it may cost you if you spend time outside with friends drinking beer (for men) or if you opt to go shopping outside hopping through shops (for ladies) until your credit card had been spent past its limit. Blogging allows you to spend your time at home (given the premise that you have a personal computer and an internet connection) with less exposure to danger and enables you to keep up with your budget (just don’t frequent budget shops online). Blogging is a revolutionary leisure tool of the times and if you still haven’t started it yet, I suppose it’s high time you must. 

      10.  Blogging is a therapy and this is the only therapy that pays you back unlike the one that requires you to pay.

Everybody is sick and tired of living, let’s accept it. Although we may be literally lazy to keep up with life and support its nature, I am absolutely sure most of us are reluctant to end up living or to put it simply, to pass out in this lifetime and die. This is absolutely one of life’s greatest blunder. Being sick with life in varying degrees calls for a therapy to slow down the ill effects or one must simply surrender to it. Common therapies aimed at stopping one to smoke or drink alcohol were very promising diversions but they all cost a fortune in order for their promised good effects to be appreciated. Except physical therapies, of course which requires physical exercises to be performed, blogging I suppose offers all therapy that could be expected from psychological therapies aimed at redirecting one’s mental focus to forget what it had been accustomed to do. Emotional stress from work, death of a loved one, lost love, business failures, you name it. You simply have to focus on it and write about the experience and I suppose you’re being a good doctor to yourself. If you realize it, isn’t it what all therapy sessions were made of when you are required to face a group and tell them about your experience as your therapist simply listen and observe (while you get to pay for each session)? I don’t have a degree in psychology but I write this with all honesty that certain medications we hope to work on ourselves just lie within our sense of being and it is absolutely free. As you finish reading this I assure you that I’m not charging you a buck with some good advice.


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