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10 Amusing Facts About Life

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   1. Some of us start life with new ways hoping that it could better out what is existing or end up worse on a dead end.

Society have made things ready for each of us, it depends upon ourselves to follow the path usually taken or the ones less travelled. When someone tries a different thing, he usually has the notion that he could come up with something better than what is on the market or end up in a much worse situation.  Successful inventors usually take the path less travelled and that was how we gained our better technology but some attempts just ended up wasted.

     2.Each of us have to lie once in a while or caught up with it and lie all the time.

Lying can’t be tolerated in our midst but when caught up in an awkward situation each of us may do it. I suppose it’s completely acceptable (by the standards of our society) when a husband have to lie to his wife if he is seeing another woman or a wife to lie from his husband if she dined with another man (depending on which restaurant). When church ministers have to accept exclusive franchise to the kingdom of heaven or a lover promises the moon and the stars to his lady love, what would you expect? Politicians do it all the time (or probably once in a blue moon) but you will be amused that somebody gets to win the election every now and then. From Watergate to feeling sorry about having done anything in front of the media then denying about the recorded interview, you can expect worse. Lying in politics could be as grave as denying armed support to a company of soldiers sent fighting on the battlefield leaving them to die on their own on the premise of defending the country. In the business world, lying could command overall control of the existing market in the face of pioneering entrepreneurs who value honesty than reaping unimaginable profits.

    3.We are bound to seek ultimate solution to the problem and end up realizing some problems were meant to remain unsolved.

Our present science may be along this line whenever anything new is being tried. Let us take the problem of aging for example, the cosmetic world seemed to have it all on the market to keep you fit and trim for the next 100 years of your Earth life if you could take it. In medicine, a lot of chemicals had been mixed up and tried to answer the problem of combating diseases. In physics, scientists had and always been busy experimenting to come up with solutions for a cheap, clean and “green” source of power to fuel our machineries to the next century onwards with less extracted waste to the environment. When new power systems are being introduced, the rest of humanity had and always been celebrating until the resulting effect to the atmosphere would show up years hence. We have gone from the steam engine, the internal reciprocating engines (piston) turbines and rocket engines through the last century and we are still trying different approaches to the problem. I just hope we will soon solve it.    

      4.  We may either think of something original or simply copy the idea from someone who made it first and turn something better or compete equal shares of the market.

We come to the issue of originality, copyright issues, plagiarizing or the like. Just consider this thought, if someone is seen digging on the ground for gold, everyone else may just watch and laugh but when gold bars are extracted from the surface, the rest will join the digging. Perhaps you will wonder why there are the same similar tasting concoctions on the market from Dr. Pepper, Coke, Pepsi, you name it. Just for the records, Dr. Pepper preceded the introduction of Coca-cola by 1 year in 1885 where Pepsi only surfaced 13 years later. But today nobody bothers about originality as they share equal market out of the world population. Everything is replicated in science and technology, fashion, religion and music. If you tell me you have read this same story before somewhere else I can’t blame you for thinking that way but aside from the issue of originality of ideas, the mechanics behind brainwaves and how several people could focus on a similar thought at a given time is by itself an existing mystery. 

     5.  It is very normal for most intellectual people to come up with statements to justify what they are doing and for spiritual persons to lay points for what is the absolute truth.

Through time, a lot of personalities of all walks of life have left statements which became the informal basis of our everyday life. For some they are plain silly statements, to others they convey wisdom and for the rest they just tend to justify what the speaker had been caught up with at the time the statement was given. Take these familiar lines  for example.

“I have nothing to declare but my genius.” – Oscar Wilde

“Man can embody truth but he cannot know it.” – William Butler Yeats

“I was not lying. I said things that later on seemed to be untrue.” – Richard Nixon

“A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem.” – Albert Einstein

 “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”- Mahatma Gandhi

“I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. “ – Jiddu Krishnamurti 

     6.  We may be caught up waiting for some better things to happen or change our mind just when the opportunity comes to happen.

 This is the folly of our humanity, most of us have the potential to be psychics but we don’t have the discipline to develop it so we are less aware whenever we are standing before the door of opportunity about to open or just turned our backs to keep on the wait somewhere else. Some of us may sell out a piece of land to lay hands on a bundle of paper bills while the lucky buyer feasted up to realize that tons of buried treasure had been buried underneath. Most of us may lay split second of eye contact with our soul mates on a train, a bus or a restaurant and we feel a jolt of unexplained bliss at such fraction of time as we parted ways and return to our miserable if not fulfilled lives with someone who we may find difficult to get along with and have to file divorce papers all over again. Speaking about lotteries, I personally missed betting on my set of numbers one particular day when five straight numbers came out. I was thus deprived my claim for just an amount of £1,500.  

     7.  We as a species have the habit of destroying things in our way searching for some answers while the ultimate question posed by our being lie in ourselves.

Our planet is reaching the critical stage of toxicity caused by our restless activity. Consider how many dynamites are being buried by mining companies on the ground to pulverize the surface just to mine out minerals, from iron ores, different types of metals, to diamonds. Think about the quantity of oils extracted beneath the ground to fuel every human activity in the world. Take into consideration the number of trees cut off from the forest to make way for the manufacture of paper, sourcing of building materials for industrial and home purposes, to the making of corks for wine bottles and toothpicks. Our rate of utilizing our planet’s resources by her surface seems faster than her natural capacity to recover from our whims. Now we have set our goals at terraforming Mars. With our basic instincts, we could venture far beyond Pluto when Mars is exhausted.

    8.  We are just repeating the mistakes we failed to note upon ourselves and are bound to do the same thing all over again.

Take someone who got broken hearted, cried and sworn never to fall in love again but have to wake up one day starting another relationship. Some of us may stumble up a point on the walkpath and never pass along that path the rest of his life while others will just endure the bruise from falling and be content at doing it all over again. Our history seems to lay evidence about the existence of early civilizations which arrived at the peak of technology and somewhat meet doom because of uncontrolled use. Would it be Atlantis or Lemuria I suppose most of us has the glimpse to the story. The only question is are we nearing the critical point for that same concluding phase all over again?  

    9.   When we are on a dead end we are bound to ask perennial questions we obviously know the answer.

We always are bound to cry when our loved ones die and with it the familiar questions to be asked. Why do you have to die? Why do you have to leave us? Of course within ourselves we are aware that we are not here for eternity. We’re just often enraged when death comes so immediate. When a citizen votes for a new leader with hopes that the typical woes of the nation will be solved, he is unconsciously consenting to the consequence (which more often than not) becomes a lot worse. It is very easy to analyze of course that if the previous leader failed to solve the problem while it was still less complicated, how could one expect for someone to miraculously solve it when the problem has become more complex?   In the internet there are lots of “Get Rich Quick Scheme” which we knew are too good to be true but every now and then someone will gamble at the opportunity despite the possibilities and argue at the losses knowing the risks. In business, there are a lot of worsening markets but a new entrepreneur will have to risk the opportunity once in a while investing savings accumulated for years. Everything is all in the mind as it shows. So before you are caught up in a dead end situation, watch where you are going. You can’t ask your feet how you got in a critical place for obviously, it can’t get there without your mind allowing it. Beware at looking straight into someone’s eyes, you can get hypnotized. 

    10. Some of us maybe caught up in imaginings how fascinating life is and end up too old to make a point what to do with it.

It is a beat them or join them kind of situation, some of us may be too reluctant to get married when on the legal age to do so, others just remain at home and appreciate every passing day until grey hairs and wrinkles start to appear. Whatever situation you are caught up with at the moment, I look forward that you are in the best of health and in overall sanity to critically examine your way of thinking while reacting at these ideas of mine. Try to consider the title, “10 Amusing Facts About Life” and if you are less amused at your sense of humanity, I don’t know of anything else to make you appreciate it. I am basically the one who was too reluctant to join up with the many and get lost at the game of living but now I am playing it myself. I just hope you are smiling to appreciate the message because you have taken part yourself. You always have the option to play things inside and think about life on the outside. I suppose that is how we gain the perspective to fully appreciate what life is all about.


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