Wednesday, December 13

How to Retire Earlier

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Retire early don’t mean that you will stop working. It’s mean that you are not be depent on your salary anymore. You are free to choose what do you want to do for the rest of your life. So that’s why we need to retire as soon as possible. If you retire early, you will have more time to live this life for yourself..

The main reason that you can not retire now is because if you stop working, you will have no money. You could tell me that:”I have money in my bank account”. You are right, but what if you used up all your money? You have to come back for work.

So to retire earlier, you need to have a passive income so that you can full up your empty pocket every month. The main idea to retire earlier is to have a passive income.

Some one think that a person who want to earn money without work is a lazy man. Definitely not! What wrong if you want to be a volumteer of an environment organization but you can not because you need to work for salary. Or what wrong if you hate your job but you can not quit because you need money every month and if you quit your present job, you need time to find another company and start again. And what if you can not work anymore? An accident for example?

Nothing wrong if you’d like to have a passive income. Try to have a passive income as soon as possible and then live this life for you and for what you be.

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