Monday, December 18

How to Make Extra Money

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If you want to earn more money, you need to spend more time to work. But what if you have been used up all the time in a day to work and earn money and you still need more?

You should try these tips, maybe it helps you.

1. Try to increase your earning per hour rate.

That is the classical way to have extra money. You need to work faster or you need to be paid more for your work.

2. Do a micro business.

This is also another classical way to have extra money. You can find some product and sell it from your home, or you can join in a company to sell their product for extra money.

3. Invest in stock, bond, money market.

It is a good way to have extra money without spend more time. But you have to bear the risk.

4. Buy some thing and give it for rent.

Not only a house but also anything else can be rented. You can give your car, your bike or even your nice Gucci jean for rent and earn money from they without work to a minutes.

5. Join in some PTC site on the internet.

There are many PTC sites on the internet, the payment is not so good, also the reliable is low. But if you need extra money, you should join in several page and get the payout before they scam. You should build your refferal to have a passive income.

6. Share your knowledge

As we are doing here. But if you work seriously, you will have a nice extra money that will come back to you every month but you don work any more.

7. Build a website

Is quite easy if you try a little. But the profit from them is huge.

8. Invest money to you friend’s business

And earn your profit when he success. It will reduce your risk and reduce the time to take care of your investment.

That are all what I have tried. I have no job now but I live well. Thank you for reading and feel free to commant.

I’m a freelance writer and translator. You could read more about Business and Career at my home page.


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