Monday, December 11

How to Identify a Gay

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Is it important to identify a gay? It’s up to the reason why you need to identify a gay. You should read these tips to help you to identify a gay.

1. He will try to be close to a man in a group of people.

2. He treats you as you are a girl

3. He hates women.

4. Many women like him, but he doesn’t care about them.

5. He could have a girl friend or a wife but he spends more time for his male friend.

6. He is really talkative.

7. He tells you that you can not understand him really.

8. Deep inside him, he has a private story that he always

9. He tries to touch you whenever he can.

10. He can not make a decision for everything.

11. He feels nothing interesting with women.

12. He loves the beauty.

13. He will flirt you.

14. He live with a group of men.

15. He is a sensitive man.

16. He will try to show everyone that he is manly.

17. He flirts many girl and try to let everyone know it. But he do nothing with these girls.

18. He tries to attract you with his property, his ability…

19. He spends much time to take care of his facial.

20. Let’s pay attention to the way he walks, you will see his woman like form.

You’ve got all my tips, feel free to commant.

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