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How to Have a Passive Income From Internet

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Passive income means the money will be sent to you even you stop working. I know there are so many ways to have a passive income from internet. But I will focus on three ways that I know fluently. Those things are: Refferal system, affiliate program and share your knowledge.

1. Refferal system

There are so many sites allow you to have a refferal system. All you need is promote your refferal link as more as possible. But before you promote it, you need to check it for yourself! You need to know that the site is good, the payment is well and it will not dissapear in a near future. If you don’t know deep about the site, you can not promote it well!

When you know the site is good, you can try these ways to promote your refferal link.

_ Post a theat or comment on a forum with your refferal link.

_ Send an invitation for your friend.

_ Tell to your friend about the site.

_ Post the refferal link in your profile or your signature on every social or community site that you join in.

_ Post your link on your own website or blog. I recomment  that this is the most effective way!

2. Affiliate program

You can join in some affiliate program to sell product or service. But I recomment that you should better join in the affiliate program of service website, because it will bring you a better and stable passive income from product.

3. Share your knowledge.

It’s the most effective way and you lose nothing to do it! There are many sites for you to share your knowledge and if it is useful, you will be paid for every reader. You can set up your own website to share your knowledge. Such as you write a book and you want to publish it, but you don’t want to be depent on the pulisher or you don’t have enough money to pulish it, you can seel it online.

People who want to get your knowledge will pay you to read your online book.

Feel free to comment. Thank you.

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