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How to Have a House of Your Own

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You feel tire of paying renting fee every month, or argue with the landlord everyday. You feel very tire of moving from apartment to apartment so many time. Just like me. I really tired of living in a house of another! So I’ve though a lot about the idea of buy a house of my own. Now I have a plan here, a powerful plan that can help me own a house in a near future. I will share with you my plan, feel free to commant.

1. Choose a house that you can buy it possibly.

Do you need a large house will full of electronic toolsand high-tech equipments? Not really. Some time you need to know the different of your want and your need. You just need a sweet house that have a nice garden for your child, a small but beautiful kitchen for your wife and a warm bedroom for you to relax after a hard working day. Choose the right house will help you reduce a large a mount of money to buy it.

I think you should focus on:

_ The place: is the house placed on a nice place, safety and near by hospital, school or park?

_ The property condition: How the house is. Some old house will be sold at a nice price and you just need a few day to repair the house by yourself.

_ The political condition: Becarefull with all things related to politics, you will not like to see your house be taken from you because of some political term.

_ The future of the house: Take care of this matter. Will some highway across your place? And even across your kichen or you bedroom!

After you had the specific form of house, let’s move to the next step.

2. Prepare your finance.

How much can you safe after you pay all the bill? If you have nothing to safe, try to have an amount of money to safe. You can do extra job to have extra money and safe it carefully.

How many years do you need to safe enough money for a house?

If you can safe enough after a few year ( you are working as a CEO or a doctor), go on! But if you have to spend a hudred of years or fifty years to safe enough money for a house. Let’s think about how to invest your money. Some investment cost you less a get you high profit. That’s true! You don’t need to take a risk with stock or money market. Just think a little, you can see there are so many ways to invest your money.

You need to know that you can borrow from 50% to 90% the amount of money to buy a house from a bank and pay it back in 10 or 50 year.

When you have enough money, let’s move to the next step

3. How to buy a house

At first, you can contact with some agent and tell them that you want a house at your price and with your conditions. You can also search for yourself on newspaper or the internet.

Then go and see the house yourself, do it carefully.

Finally, you need to decide to buy the house with your money or you will borrow some from the bank.

Congratulation! You have your own house now! Your life will change dramatically from now on!

I’m a freelance writer and translator. You could read more about Business and Career at my home page.


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