Monday, December 18

How do You Guys Know When a Girl Wants to Have You?

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I myself have asked this question so many time. Now I can give you some tips.

1. She try to contact with you.

You are standing in a group of people and she tries to talk with you, stands close to you. Or she ask you to carry he for a while. She knows so many ways to be close to you but she will not go further. You need to be possitive and join in her game, try to touch her a little.

It’s a nice sign. Go on guy! What are you waiting for?

But if that is your first meet. Don’t think so far or she will think that you just want it and no more.

2. She tries to avoid your touch.

It sound wrong but trust me, she avoids your touch because she don’t want to lose her controll. Just go on but do it gently and give some romance for her.

But when she says no, it’s mean no! Say sorry if you want to meet her again, and say sorry again and again untill she forgive you.

3. She shows some embarras.

Nicely done guy! Go on, what are you waiting for? But remember the most important things: Be careful and gently.

Once you see the sign from her, don’t be hensitate, focus on your target untill you have what you want, man.

But again, if she says no, it’s mean no! That’s all what I know but trust me, these tips are very useful!

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