Thursday, December 14

Listen to Your Inner Voice

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In life we come across many situations.

You have a job in hand and are looking for something better. Your father who worked all his life with one employer says it is unwise to do that as he believes that loyalty to one employer pays. Your elder brother who has been switching jobs in the quest to make his career opines that you become redundant if you continue in a single job. Both of them are right in their own perspective. It is for you to decide.

One of the most important things in life is your marriage. No matter how much your parents feel this is the best match for you or your sisters say you could not ask for better, it is you who need to take a call. You will be left with something you did not want if you let others decide for you.

A classic example is the unwanted child when neither of them took a firm decision at the right time. You cannot shirk your responsibilities once you have a child whether wanted or unwanted. When you produce children your neighbor does not take care of them. So do not get carried away when your neighbor encourages you to rear a family.

Consciously let your subconscious mind decide for you. Just listen to it and follow it. Nothing can go wrong.


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