Thursday, December 14

What’s in a Woman’s Bag?

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Bag 1: My cell, wallet, keys, face powder, lip gloss, tissue, tooth brush, stethoscope, bp apparatus, digital thermometer, penlight, bandage scissors, band aid, white flower, salon pas, paracetamol, diatabs, antihistamine, 70% alcohol, notebook, pen, umbrella, rosary and a bottle of water.

Bag 2: I keep my wallet, a small case for all of my store cards, a cosmetic case that keeps things such as lip balm, hand sanitizer, lotion, tide pen, etc, a wrist let which holds all of my store coupons, small tablet, pens, medicine, sunglasses and my car keys!

Bag 3: I only need cell phone, wallet, keys, chap stick, fingernail file, lotion, hand sanitizer, checkbook, book to read, organizer, MP3 player w/headphones, tissues, pocket US constitution.

Bag 4: I have my wallet in it, my make up, perfume, sanitizer, sanitary napkin, pen and small notebook, bear spray, and coin purse.

Bag 5: I have my wallet, notepad, keys, chap stick, gum, pens, mirror, cards of many sorts.

Bag 6: My bag contains rosary, prayer booklet, wallet, lipstick, face powder,sunblock cream, pantyliner, hand sanitizer, mobile phone, keys, handkerchiefs, toilet paper, small fold-able umbrella and bottled water.

Bag 7: I just have my wallet that contains my ATM cards, calling cards and some cash.

Bag 8: My bag has books, pens, laptop and its power supply, and a mobile hard disk.

Bag 9: There’s only my wallet, key pouch, hand phone, office card and mp4.

Bag 10: In my bag I have my cellphones, laptop, mini notebook with built-in touchscreen calculator, my colored ball pens for my duty, umbrella, toothbrush, toothpaste, wallet, and picture.


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