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13 of The World's Most Wild, Exotic, And Colorful Birds–And Their Natural Habitats.

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Scarlet Macaw

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The Scarlet Macaw is native to humid evergreen forests in the American tropics. It extends from extreme south-eastern Mexico to Amazonian Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. When someone thinks “colorful bird” the Macaw is most of the time on the mind. The macaw is a perfect example of a bird that shows all the colors of the rainbow and then some. The feathers show strong primary colors all which blend into another very strong and vibrant color. The beauty of the Macaw is that it does not only show bright, “hot” colors, but it also exhibits the cooler side of the color palette.

Lilac Breasted Roller

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The Lilac-breasted Roller is widely distributed in sub-Saharan Africa and the southern Arabian Peninsula, and it prefers to live in the open woodland and savanna; it is largely absent from treeless places. This tiny bird shows some of the more sea affected colors, the cooler colors, such as blue, purple, brown, green, and shades/mixes of red. It is amazing that this little bird can show so many colors. However, this bird can be very territorial, so even though it is small, I suggest you don’t get to close.

Golden Pheasant

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The Golden Pheasant can be found in the mountainous areas of western China but some have been established in the United Kingdom. The adult male is 90-105 cm in length, its tail accounting for two-thirds of the total length. It is unmistakable with its golden crest and rump and bright red body. The deep orange “cape” can be spread in display, appearing as an alternating black and orange fan that covers all of the face except its bright yellow eye, with a pinpoint black pupil.  Males have a golden-yellow crest with a hint of red at the tip. The face, throat, chin, and the sides of neck are rusty tan. The wattles and orbital skin are both yellow in colour, and the ruff or cape is light orange. The upper back is green and the rest of the back and rump are golden-yellow in colour. The tertiaries are blue whereas the scapulars are dark red. Another characteristic of the male plumage is the central tail feathers which are black spotted with cinnamon as well as the tip of the tail being a cinnamon buff. The upper tail coverts are the same colour as the central tail feathers. Males also have a scarlet breast, and scarlet and light chestnut flanks and underparts. Lower legs and feet are a dull yellow.  


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Four of the flamingo flamingo species can be found in the Americas and two species in the Old World. Although the Flamingo is not multi-colored like all the other birds on this list, it is the only bird that is uni    uniquely all one unique color–PINK! There long legs border on a pink-red shade but most of the flamingo exhibits various shades and tints of pink. The one other color that is hard to find is yellow. If you look at the eye you can see that the flamingo has yellow eyes.


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Kingfishers are a group of small to medium sized brightly colored birds Most of their species can be found in the Old World and Australia. The unique thing about the Kingfisher is that they are many different colors. The one above shows oranges, teal, blue, green, red and bright metallic colors, but some can look very simple having only green and white.

Keel-billed Toucans

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The Keel-billed Toucan is also known as Sulfur-breasted Toucan or the Rainbow-billed Toucan. It can be found in South America. Although the birds plumage is not exactly colorful, the beak and feet make up for the feathers. The beak can have up to four or 5 different colors, such as blue, green, red, yellow and orange. The feet however are very unique because they are blue. Not too many birds have blue feet.

Peafowl or Peacock

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Peafowl are best known for the male’s extravagant tail, which they display when they are courting the female. The female is nowhere as nearly brightly colored as the male peacock. The females are brown and white and the males have blue, green, deep purple, brown, grey, and yellow. The peacock is another one of those unique and colorful birds that can be found in American. One does not need to go to a tropical location to capture it on camera.

American Kestrel

americal kestrel

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The American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) is small falcon found in the Western Hemisphere. This is a colorful bird that can be found in the U.S.A! Even though this bird is not tropical like most of the birds on this list it still exhibits some beautiful colors such as yellow, various blues, orange, peach and even a deep purple. This is a very unique bird and you can bet you won’t find another one like it. This is a bird that hits the darker side of the color wheel.


10 Most Colorful and Prettiest Pet Birds in the  World

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Lorikeets are considered to be one of the most beautiful and rare birds on the planet. They are widely distributed throughout the Australasian  region, including south-eastern Asia, Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and Australia, and the majority have very brightly colored plumage. Each one exhibits many colors and they all can have their own unique plumage. They can show all the colors of the rainbow–their actually exists a lorikeet that is named the “Rainbow Lorikeet.”

Sun Conure

10 Most Colorful and Prettiest Pet Birds in  the World

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The Sun Conure is a medium-sized brightly colored parrot native to northeastern South America.The adults are predominantly yellow. The face and belly begin to fade to orange and red. As we go down the Conure gets green ends on his wings and then the occasional dark blue feather appears more consistently. The tail is olive-green with a blue tip. From below, all the flight feathers are dark greyish. These birds are so eye-catchhing due to their extremely bright colors and they are now very popular pets.

Eclectus Parrot10 Most Colorful and Prettiest Pet Birds in the WorldImage Source

The Eclectus Parrot is a parrot native found in Solomon Islands, Sumba, New Guinea and nearby islands, northeastern Australia  and the Maluku Islands. “It is unusual in the parrot family for its extreme sexual dimorphism of the colours of the plumage; the male having a mostly bright green plumage and the female a mostly bright red and purple/blue plumage.” ~Wikipedia These parrots have some crazy colors that pop right out. Like the intense blue color at the top of the wing. Not many birds can be found with this bright, metallic-like color.

Bronze Winged Parrot

10 Most Colorful and Prettiest Pet Birds in the  World

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The Bronze-winged Parrot  is a medium sized parrot 28 cm (11 in) long. This parrot can be found in the forest and woodland in north-western South America. It is a darker parrot that has a chest path of white and pink feathers. The undertail is red but the rump, tail and wings are various colors of light blue and dark blue blends. The head is actually a teal/blue-green and the mantle, back and underparts are dark bronze-green with an occasional blue or read feather. As you can see, this bird is very colorful, and very different from his other parrot friends.

Crimson Topaz Topaz_0.jpg

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The Crimson Topaz (Topaza pella) is a species of hummingbird  that can be found in Brazil, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela. They are almost never found on the ground. They are beautiful tiny birds that have more than 7 colors on their feathers all which blend together very nicely and uniquely.

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