Defeat Writer’s Block!

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There are several main ways to thwart the evil and notorious writers block. The first way is to view your story from another angle. What do I mean? Instead viewing your story simply from your point of view try:

  • Imagine a review or news article that you would like to have written about your story in the future. What does it talk about? Who are your biggest fans? Is there any scandal?
  • Take a walk outside ans dig into what the most important and compeling emotion, images and themes you want to leave with your reader.
  • Imagine you are an outside reader who just read you piece from start to finish, what was your favorite part, what do you think is lacking or needs expansion?
  • Now, actually read your entire piece through but read although you are reading it for the first time. What character(s) do you connect with? Think about your mental and emotional response to your piece? What parts left you hungering for more detail?

If All this fails to inspire you, get outside and find new inspiration. One way of finding this is to get outside to a relaxing place (best case scenario is a Japanese or botanical garden) and start a new different short poem story or simple composition. Try to make it something you can finish (all you need is a first draft) in between several hours and a day. Finish this piece. Now go home, rest and start on your main piece tomorrow.

Another great way to gather inspiration is to visit local shops, art museums and any other atmosphere that is out of the norm for you but relates to your book. For example, If you are writing a vampire novel visit a local dark Celtic pub, Wicca shops, fantasy art galleries and maybe even rent an old vampire movie you have yet to see. New inspiration is often waiting for you to discover in new places.


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