Saturday, December 16

Patty Duke And Her Wonderful Books

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One famous person that makes sure she is heard loud and clear when it comes to her illness is Patty Duke.  You may remember her the best from The Patty Duke Show.  She played Patty and her cousin Cathy in this “identical cousins” sitcom.

Anyway, this is not why I applaud this woman so much for all the work she has done to make people aware of bipolar disorder.  Yes, I said it, bipolar disorder.

She wrote two books, one of them is Call Me Anna.  It’s all about her upbringing and rest assured that it was a crazy one.  From her father being an alcoholic to her mother’s depression and unusual behavior.  She was basically sold to two married agents at a young age.  These two also drugged Patty and let her get drunk when she was only a child. 

The second book is titled A Brilliant Madness.  This book is rather educational on the bipolar disorder interest.  It’s all about Patty’s ups and downs through her life and the fact that she can actually see and admit when she was manic or depressed even after the fact has kept me plugging right along, even in the deepest depressions.  This book also includes many symptoms of several different mood disorders which makes it doubly good for me. 

Thank you Patty, or can I call you Anna?


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