Monday, December 18

Tamil Conference: A Matter of Politics?

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The question being asked by everyone was that why did the ruling Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) spend 380 crore on the event that’s drawing just a mere one lakh people daily. Two hundred research papers on Classical Tamil seemed to be the only good thing for the language at the world classical Tamil conference in Coimbatore. 

Even though academic discussions on Tamil actually take place in a smaller area but it’s this open session which could accommodate around sixty thousand people the ruling DMK is exploiting. Although they are meant to be literary activities, its politics that’s spoken. All poets who come on to the stage just come and praise Karunanidhi and his government .

So while the audience expect talks on taking Tamil to future generations, they get to hear ‘politics’ by popular literary figures glorifying DMK chief Karunanidhi as the leader of world Tamils.

“I don’t think the Chief Minister is looking at the conference as a political thing but whatever it means it will be seen only after the conference and not now,” said DMK MP M Kanimozhi defending the party.
The conference is being seen as the DMK’s attempt to derive political mileage before the assembly polls. But not always have the voters rewarded the party behind such conferences. In 1996, Jayalalithaa suffered a defeat even  after hosting a similar bash


The only good thing which students say about this conference if the all the educational institutions got a leave of 5 days and students are enjoying it . But what is the use of closing educational institutions all over the state when confeence is proceding only in Coimbatore ? And what is the use of giving leave students ? The all just sit home and enjoy their holidays . There is no direct participation of students in it .

And in what way will the poor people benefit from this conference ? Is it going to economically develop India ? Why is the government doing a thing which people had never asked and they do things that people really ask for – like proper laying of roads . So all our tax goes into a thing which none of us really wanted . So where is our country going to ? All this happens only in  India .

What do you feel ? Do you think what Karunanidhi is doing is right ? Do you think it is wrong ? Share your feelings !


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