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Learn to Use Hashtags

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As a business, it is important to check what happens outside of your direct circle. #hashtags are one of the most powerful tools on Twitter.

What is a #hashtag?

According to, “A hashtag is a tag used to categorize posts on Twitter (tweets) according to topics. To add a hashtag to a tweet, you just preface the relevant term with the hash symbol (#). That will allow people who follow that topic to find your tweet and perhaps follow you as well.”

What can you do with it?

One of the most famous hashtags is #followfriday – people also use #ff sometimes. As it names indicates, it is used by tweeps on Fridays to recommend the people that they consider as a reliable source of information or inspirational. Usually, it is a peak day to get new followers.

A lot of people like to watch what others have to say on specific topics. Twitter is about finding your niche and being followed by individuals or companies that are right for your business. And hashtags are perfect for that. 

So, try to hashtag the most important words in your tweets. Usually, new followers in your niche or topics of interest will add you; and you will be spared the regular spammers or account holders who follow anybody.

Also, watch discussions happening outside your direct circle of followers. You will be able to find people who have similar interests and strike a few conversations with new people. For a business, it is essential, as it allows companies to reach potential new customers.

#Hashtags are also used to start chatting sessions. For example, writers like to meet several times a week on Twitter and share their thoughts, adding #hashtags such as #amwriting, #litchat or #writer. You can also start your own chat, by typing any word after “#”.

Any good links?

Absolutely! Check out the following: allows you to watch conversations according to keywords. You can answer the tweets individually or simply read them in a separate window. This is a wonderful way to start chatting with a person based on their interests. allows you to see all the tweets that have been posted under a certain thread. 

Now, may the force of hashtags be with you! 


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