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Legitimate Survey Sites That Really Pay

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Pinecone Research is a very legitimate company. I started just few months ago and I am very impressed. It is free to sign up. They pay $3 for a survey that takes 10-15 minutes to complete and in 3-5 days you get paid either by check or Paypal. They send about 4-6 surveys a month to your email address and the great thing is, it is only surveys that you are already qualified for. You cannot sign up on pinecone’s research website, you can go to and put in search box pinecone research sign up link.  It will then take you to the sign up the page.  Fill it out and expect your username and password to be sent to your email in a day or two.   This is your login info, used to fill out the surveys. 


Cashcrate has a wide range of free surveys on their website, that is from 15 cents to $1.25. I have been with them close to 2 years and always received my check. Payout is $20 or more.

Sign up for a free account and use a separate email just for Cashcrate offers.  There are other ways to make money with Cashcrate. There are daily surveys that are $.80 cents each and it takes a day to credit. You can earn money through active referrals, you receive 20% of every survey they complete and 10% of what their referrals make. They have to sign up and complete surveys with a different computer.

They pay month to month. If you sign up in June, you get paid at the end of July. There are also forums where you can receive ask questions and receive any help you may need. 

Join at


It is owned by Decision Analyst Incorported, a major international marketing research company. This is a very reliable company and website. It is open to people from different countries, not only the United States. I received $12 for completing two surveys. You can sign up on their website. Survey opportunities are sent to your email with specific guidelines and instructions. If you qualify for the survey, you credited the amount stated. Surveys range from $2-$50 and are usually only 10-15 minutes long.


They send several surveys a week to your email.  Payout is at $5.00 by mail or paypal, but it takes three weeks to a month to receive payment. They also have a referral program.

There are probably other survey sites out there that do pay, but these are the top ones I enjoyed and have a great experience with.  i refer the money, than prizes and points.  These companies have done that for me.  It is always wise to have a separate email address for surveys and not to use your regular, personal email address. 

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