Monday, December 11

Tippman 98 Paintball Review

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Durable – Any gun can be durable if you take proper care of it. When i first got this gun, I did not know i had to oil it.I didnt oil it for 5 months and it still ran like new. This gun is good for newbies who want to play occasionally but also dont want to spend too much time cleaning their gun. But for me, this is my main gun, everything on the gun is upgraded, i am just short of an e-bolt which i should be aquiring soon. 

Many owners – This is a pro and a con. Anybody can help you with this gun, many people own it therefore help should be easy to aquire if needed. There is not a problem with this gun that cant be fixed, there is always a fix for this gun. either a proper fix, or a ghetto fix.

Upgrades – Almost any paintball website will have upgrades for this gun, its is very common. Upgrades are pretty nicely priced but you can go overboard easily like me and spend $600+ which was good for me, cause i like my m98, im comfortable with it. As long as your comfortable with your gun, who cares what people say.

Co2 Acceptance – Runs great on co2, heck you can run it on constant liquid co2 if you want. The CVX valve is indestructable. Im sure most of your starters out there wont have enough money for a decent tank (68/4500 which run for $180) although you can get a cheap HPA tank for 80 bucks, but you wont get enough shots.

Design – The way the m98 opens is great, its in 2 halves, this way, you can see everything in front of you and it is accessible. it just takes some time to take it apart and put it together. I can do it no problem now, but if your new, be careful when taking apart the gun, if you need any help ask me.

Weaknesses:Stock barrel – but hey, what can you ask for, its stock… no gun comes with a good stock barrel with the exception of some high end guns (impulse etc.. even those barrels are swapped out some times)… but out of all the stock barrels, spyder, piranhas, the tippmanns is the worst. Its 8 inches, the inside looks like its been pulled out of my ass. The insides are so rough, but the barrel still works. You can either polish the barrel yourself which will take some time but make it better than the stock, or pay for a new barrel which will run anywhere from $30 – $100+.

Design – The little parts inside the gun can be a pain in the butt to take out/reassemble when you are a newbie. There are pins, little springs that can go flying. Don’t worry, this isnt rocket science, dont let it scare you. You will have to take apart your gun sometime. Trust me, you will have to start somewhere, so start now and learn. Watch for the front sight spring the most.


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