Wednesday, December 13

Barley Green For Health

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Everyone wants overall health and well-being.  Unfortunately it is very hard to be healthy in today’s fast past world.  Most of us have children and full-time jobs and social lives and the cost of healthy products are continuously going up making it difficult for the average earner to afford to eat healthy on a daily basis!  I have been using a product for many years now and highly recommend it for anyone who needs an extra boast of nutrition in their diets.  It’s called Barley Green.  It’s not a vitamin and it requires hardly any effort to take.  It comes in a powder, which I think is better but does taste pretty bad or it comes in pills which are easier to take but may not offer the same benefits that the powder offers.  I take a tablespoon a day and it makes me feel better overall, is good for fighting colds, and gives extra energy.  The product is totally natural.  All that is in it is Barley grass and a bit of kelp, which is also very healthy.  The barley alone has all the vitamins and nutrients you need already in it, so nothing needs to be added!  You can buy Barley Green online from Aim International or from any health food store.  If a health store does not have it, they may order it for you.  There are also many people who sell the product from their homes and may be listed in your phonebook or in the classified in the newspaper.  There are other products that are similar to Barley Green and offer the same benefits.  I have never tried them, but I hear they are good.  Greens Plus is one of them and that can be purchased at pretty much any drug store or grocery store and maybe even Wal Mart or other department stores.  All these products cost about the same.  I purchase Barley Green at my local Health Food store and pay about 45 dollars for a 2-month supply and Greens plus is about the same cost for the same amount except, the recommend you take more of the product which means it lasts only half as long.


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