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Alaska’s Inside Passage

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Also known as the “Panhandle, Alaska’s Inside Passage is a very popular cruise destination that makes up the Southeast region of Alaska and is about 1,000 miles North of Vancouver.  The area is known for having an abundance of wildlife, out-of-this scenery, friendly hospitality and a rich history.

If you are deciding to take a cruise to Alaska’s Inside Passage, here are some things you should know before you book. First of all, the cruise season in this part of the world starts in April and lasts through September. There are different advantages to traveling in each season.  In Spring, you will see the countryside blanketed with wildflowers as Alaska’s natural wonders come back to life after their winter sleep and witness the Spring whale migration.  In Fall, the foliage is spectacular and Bald Eagles gather.  Wildlife can be viewed in all seasons!  Be prepared to travel to either Seattle or Vancouver as most of the cruises depart from and return to either one of these cities.  With some research, you may be able to find a package deal that includes your cruise and return flight to and from one of these destinations. A typical cruise lasts about seven nights but there are longer cruises available that depart from California and there are also shorter cruises available if you are looking to only spend three or four days in the area.

Each cruise will have a different itinerary but typically, you will spend the first day cruising the Inside passage.  Surrounding you will be towering mountains, oceanfront communities and the vast Pacific Ocean.  The rest of your vacation will be spent doing a variety of things at different ports of call in Alaska.  Here are some of the activities offered by different cruise lines:

  • Many cruises offer visits to National Parks such as Glacier Bay, Misty Arm Fjord, Skagway and many others.

  • Some cruises will give you the option to take a sea kayaking trip.  This is typically not included in the cost of the cruise but they will help you set up the booking.

  • Wildlife hikes may also be taken in different ports of call. Some of the wildlife that you will view includes bear, elk, bald eagles and wolves.  Depending on the time of year, be prepared to have to don snowshoes for this activity!

  • In some ports of call, you may also take advantage of whale tours, helicopter tours, city tours and fishing excursions.

Inside Passagecruises are suitable for everyone young and old.  No matter what your personality, you will never forget this once in a lifetime adventure!  If you are an adventurous nature lover, there are plenty of ways for you to spend that adrenaline!  If you are looking to just relax and enjoy the ride, that’s fine too!  Even children will love what is available for them.  There are plenty of activities for them both on the ship and on land to keep them entertained.  Because these cruises are so affordable, anyone, no matter what their budget can take advantage of this fabulous adventure to the The Last Frontier!


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