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Make Vacationing at Home a Memorable Experience!

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When most people think of vacation, they think of exotic locations in The Caribbean or in Europe.  These trips can be costly in today’s economy and even people who could once afford to go to these places are finding it hard to be able to do it now.  But that doesn’t mean you should give up your yearly vacation all together!  You would be surprised what you can do close to home and make it a vacation just as memorable as any other!  In this article, I will discuss the different things you can enjoy in your hometown and surrounding areas without breaking the bank.

In today’s economy, people are finding themselves unable to afford a vacation away.  To some, this is devastating.  When most people plan a vacation, they chose locales that are far away and different but now that money is scarce, people are going to have to come up with something to supplement those costly trips.  Now is the time to start looking in your own backyard!

Home may be where the heart is but to most people, a vacation at home doesn’t sound adventurous.  I have had the opportunity to travel all over but when the economy started to affect me, I was faced with two choices; have no vacation or vacation at home.  I decided to vacation at home and was surprised at how many things there were to do and now I will share some of those ideas.

Vacation should be about relaxing in a change of scenery so set up a tent in the backyard and turn it into your vacation base.  Bring everything you would bring on a camping trip and make it feel as much like the real thing as possible.  Once your base is set up, set out in search of new and exciting things to do!

The first thing you should do is visit a local tourist bureau and pick up some brochures on local attractions and things to do. 

  Here are some ideas:

  • Go on a day hike.  Pack a lunch and head out on the trails!  You may see animals, birds and if you are along the coast, whales.

  • Go fishing.  Head down to the docks or to a lake where you can cast your line.  Later, have a barbecue and invite some friends over to enjoy a feast of the day’s catch!

  • Hit the road!  Road trips are a summer staple and you don’t need to go far to make it worthwhile.  Take a trip to see a friend you have not seen in a while.  If you have a summer home, spend a week there. Or you can just get behind the wheel and drive around aimlessly, with no destination in mind!  If you don’t own a car, rent one.  Car rentals are priced lower than ever these days.

  • Spend the day at the park.  Feed the ducks, ride the paddle boats, have a picnic, play Frisbee or just lay in the grass with a good book.

  • Take a trip to a national park and get away from it all and become one with nature. 

  • Spend the day at the beach.  Bring a volleyball, a Frisbee, some horseshoes and a bathing suit.  Build a sand castle, walk the length of the beach with your feet in the surf.  If you have access to a metal detector, look for buried treasure!

  • Act like a tourist and visit all the major attractions in your hometown. 

  • Attend festivals in your area.

  • Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows and hotdogs.  Have a couple of drinks, sing songs and tell stories.

  • Go stargazing.  Bring a blanket and find a dark, secluded place and watch the sky.

  • Go on a boat tour or learn how to sail.

  • Spend a weekend at a Bed and Breakfast in the country.  Relax and enjoy the peace the quiet.

Whether you take part in all or some of these activities or just a few, there is no shortage of things to do at home this summer!


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