Wednesday, December 13

Packing Lightly

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Everyone hates packing but packing is a tedious and necessary evil when traveling.  What to bring.  What not to bring.  Than there’s the airline baggage restrictions and space to consider.  Packing doesn’t have to be such a pain.  Once you are able to weed out the necessary and unnecessary, packing can be done with little fuss and frustration.  In this article, I will share tips on how to pack efficiently, economically and quickly!

No one enjoys it but packing is something that needs to be done when going on vacation.  Here is an easy checklist to help you do it quicker and more efficiently.

  • The first thing you should do before you dig out that suitcase is make a list of everything you will need while away.

  • Call your hotel and see what is already in the room.  If there will already be a blow dryer and alarm clock in the room, leave yours at home.

  • Use product samples, buy travel size toiletries or dispense your products into smaller containers.

  • Call the airline and make sure you are not going over their weight restrictions.

  • Leave a bit of room in your suitcase if you plan on doing any shopping while away.

  • When packing jewelry, pack a few items that are versatile and can be worn with anything.

  • When packing shoes, walking shoes are a must but don’t pack a dozen pairs of dress shoes, sandals and pumps in every color.  If you are going down south, pack one pair of versatile sandals.  If you will be attending a business meeting, pack one pair of flexible dress shoes.

  • When packing clothes, less is better.  Try to pack items that are less likely to get wrinkled and pack only what you will need.  If you are going somewhere hot, only pack one cold-weather outfit. If you are going somewhere cold, leave the flip-flops and tanks at home.  Check the long-range forecast for your destination before you leave and use it as a guideline for what to pack.  Bring clothes that are fitting to the activities you have planned.  If you are not attending a wedding or business meeting, leave clothes suited to those activities at home.  Bring one versatile purse that goes with everything and will fit all your belongings.

  • When packing make-up, don’t pack a dozen different eye shadow and lipstick shades.  Pack one of each item in colors that are able to be worn with anything at any time.

  • If you need to pack vitamins or medication, instead of packing the whole bottles, take out what you will need and pack them into smaller pill cases.  Label them correctly!

  • Things to leave at home….

    • Extra reading material that you know you will never get the chance to read.

    • Gadgets you won’t use.

    • Duplicates of any item.

    • Food.  It will only go bad or get confiscated by airport security anyway.

    • Work-out equipment.  You can do without it until you come home.  Most hotels and resorts have gyms now anyway.

    • Work!  You’re on vacation so leave the binders, planners, laptops and blackberries behind!

  • Things you will absolutely need…

    • Enough toiletries to get you through your vacation especially if you are traveling to a country where these items are hard to get.

    • Chargers for your cell phone, IPod and camera.

    • Passport.

    • Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and bathing suit.


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