Sunday, December 17

Women’s Rights

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When I hear anything about women’s rights, I wonder why I am even hearing it, why it even exists.  Women’s rights should not exist because women should never have had to fight for rights because since the beginning of time, we should have been considered equal.  But, unfortunately, that is not the way it was and in a lot of ways, not the way it is today. 

Women have been discriminated against for hundreds of years and it still happens today in every country around the world.  I shake my head when I think about how only less than a hundred years ago, women did not have the right to vote and they were expected to stay home, in the house and raise the children and clean up after numerous people while the men went to work and hung out in taverns where women were not even allowed to go.  So basically, women were not allowed to have lives, were not allowed to have friends, were not allowed to have fun.  Today it is not so bad in the developed world but anyone who thinks women are not still discriminated against in many ways must be blind.  When I walk down the street alone, there is hardly a time when I do not hear cat calls or get propositioned in some sexist way.  Every time I watch movies or read magazines, women are always portrayed as beings who spend hours in the bathroom primping and priming to please men and usually work at jobs that are stereotypically a woman’s job.  Although we may have come a long way in terms of women being allowed to have jobs outside the house, women are still under-paid and most make less than money than men.  It is still normal to think that women are more suited for certain jobs and men are more suited for certain jobs.  Unfortunately the jobs that women are pushed towards pay far less than the ones men are pushed towards.  Take for example any construction job.  It is mostly men who work at these jobs because it requires heavy lifting that most women are not physically capable of doing and in my city, the average hourly rate for an entry level position is twenty dollars an hour. Compare that to the job of homecare worker or early childhood educator, which are jobs that women are pushed towards and the pay if a mediocre ten dollars an hour.  I guess it is expected that these women will be looked after by their husbands who make double what they make what about the women who want to remain single.  In this society it is ok for men to stay single and they can because they are able to look after themselves financially.  But women are pushed towards marriage in order to survive.  A single woman who lives on an income of ten dollars an hour would be better off quitting her job and going on welfare to survive and that happens a lot.  Take for example the cost of cosmetics.  It is men who expect women to always look good for them but yet they are the ones who make more money and expect women to pay twenty dollars for a tube of lipstick.  Than take the price of feminine necessities like maxi pads.  At seven dollars a box, that is almost one hundred dollars a year and a price that is hard to pay when you are a single female living on a low income.  What does the world expect them to do? The other day at the grocery store, my boyfriend and I both needed deodorant and I was outraged by the price of his deodorant compared to the price of mine.  His was $1.75 and mine was $3.80 and they were the same size.  I need to note as well that I chose the cheapest that was available.  Why is it that men’s deodorant is cheaper than women’s when men make more money?

These may seem like little things but the little things add up and I am getting fed up with it as I am sure many women who use their brains and see what is going on are!  This is the year 2009 and we are supposed to be a highly developed and educated society.  I don’t see that.  I see a society that just hides things better.  Not much has really changed if you really think about it.  Women are still see as weak and seen as beings that don’t need to be educated because as long as we look good, we will catch that man who will pay all our expenses.  I think once and for all, women have to stand up and change society once and for all so we are thought of as equal and able to contribute in many ways to society.  We have tried everything else so maybe if we stop wearing deodorant, stop wearing maxi pads, stop wearing make-up, and dress in rags, maybe, just maybe, the world will get the hint.


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