Tuesday, December 12

Human Trafficking is Alive And Well

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Human trafficking is when someone is removed from their country and exploited and made to work without pay in conditions that are far from favourable.  It is illegal in most places and the victims usually forced into prostitution or labour.  As horrible as it is, the trafficking of women for profit is something that occurs in every country around the world, everyday.  Many people are not even aware that this is happening around them but you are aware and there are things you can do to make sure that everyone is everywhere so we can get together and put a stop to it once and for all!

Each country’s government has a different way of trying to combat trafficking and some governments have already started taking action but, so far, it has not been enough to stop this horrendous, international crime.  Legislation to make human trafficking illegal has been introduced by some governments while other governments have been criticized for their inaction towards the situation.  The most important thing that most governments have failed to cover is making people aware of what is going on.     

There are many resources out there where you can either get information or find out how to take action. Here are some more well-known websites you can visit to learn more about human trafficking and what you can do:

There are also things you can do at home and in your community to help out to bring awareness to the people in your area about what is going on.  Here are some examples:

  • Start a blog that focuses on information and news about trafficking.

  • Post relevant information on internet forums

  • Start a group on Facebook or one of the other many social networking sites online

  • Start a petition for a call to action by government.  You can do this online or in the community or both!

  • Arrange meeting with members of government

  • Organize a march in your area

  • Join women’s groups and network with other like-minded people who want to see action

  • Many people are simply not aware of what is going on.  Bring awareness to them by passing out booklets or videos on the subject or offer to do speeches in high schools or universities in your area.

  • Put posters up in local businesses, with their permission of course.

There are so many things you can do to help ensure that everyone is aware of this problem and that enough people will fight it to the point where action will have to be taken!  We have to fight for these people who are being exploited because they can’t fight it themselves!


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