Tuesday, December 12

Some of My Favorite Ways to Relxax That Will Hopefully Help You do The Same

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There are many ways to relax and everyone has their own things they do to relax.  I have many.  Some of my methods of relaxation may not sound very relaxing but the more I am doing and the more productive I am, the more relaxed I am!  One of my favorite ways to relax is to cuddle up somewhere with a good book.  Sometimes I will run a hot bubble bath and do my reading there but most times I curl up on the couch or in bed and read.  In the summer, I often take a book to the park and read outside.  My next favorite way to relax is by working on my writing.  I write poems, non-fiction or just work on my blog.  No matter what I am writing, I’m relaxed when I am doing it. 

            A while back, I bought my first digital camera so I could take pictures to go along  with my writing.  Since than, photography has become an obsession for me.  My camera comes everywhere with me and I find it relaxing to just take it out and learn new techniques to take better pictures. 

            Another thing I love doing is going for coffee.  I’ll either go alone or tag along with whoever happens to be around at the time and we relax at a local coffee shop and catch up.

            Being outdoors is one of the most relaxing things for me.  It doesn’t really matter where I am or what I am doing, I just like being out in the fresh air and being one with nature.  I do, however, have some favorite things I like doing outdoors.  One thing I love to do is grab my IPod and just walk aimlessly around the city.  Not only is it relaxing, I get my exercise too!  Sometimes I will step it up a notch and turn my walk into a full-day adventure.  I get up early and pack a backpack with food and other necessities and go on a hike into the woods or along the coast.  When the time allows and I have some time off work, a day hike may turn into a weekend camping adventure, another hobby I like to partake in.

            On rainy days or when everything is done, I park myself in front of my computer and search for interesting documentaries on topics I want to learn more about.  I love to lean new things and consider it as much of a hobby as any of my other interests. 

            Most days, I will partake in at least one of these activities or a combination of several.  When time allows, I may combine all of them.  My idea day is to get up at 5AM, pack a knapsack full of everything I will need like food, a book, my IPod, a notebook and a pen, grab a coffee and hike to a secluded location while taking pictures along the way.  Once at my destination, find a nice comfortable place to relax and read and work on my writing!


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