Friday, December 15

Easy Money-Saving Tips That Work!

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The state of the economy is causing hard times to befall many people these days.  That is why it is important for everyone to have a system that keeps them up-to-date with bill payments and expenses.  I have had my own system is place for many years now and it has never failed me.  In college, I had a hard time keeping track of my bills and a hard time paying them.  Being on my own for the first time was hard enough but it became harder when my telephone or electricity was suddenly cut due to an overlooked bill or lack of funds to pay a bill.  The system I came up with is very simple.  First of all, I always post new bills on my fridge or somewhere I can see them. On pay day, I withdraw my entire paycheck except the amount I want to leave in the bank for savings.  Than, I separate the cash into categories and put it in labeled envelopes.  For example, I owe eighty dollars a month for my telephone, I get paid bi-weekly, so every pay day, I put forty dollars in the envelope marked “telephone”.  I do this for all my expenses, every two weeks.  It can work with weekly payments as well, just divide your expenses into 4 payments instead of 2.  After I pay each bill, I write “PAID” on it and file it away in my records and post the new one the fridge when it comes in the mail.  Whatever is left over after I do these steps is used to pay on my credit card or to treat myself to something special like a movie or a night on the town.  Not once has this system let me down and I never have to worry about my utilities being cut ever again and I am sure that this system will work for you too!


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