Friday, December 15

Have You Been Locked Out of Your House?

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I found out about my husband’s affair and I was very upset that he had lied to me. He told me that he had wanted to go to Bangkok for a trip with his friends. I knew that he was going with the other woman. I was furious but did not let him know. So what I did was I hid his passport. That day, I left for work, giving him a kiss as usual.

Later, he messaged me saying that he could not find his passport. Even if he turned the house upside down, he would not be able to find it because I had hid it away from home. Soon enough the time to get on the plane passed and he was left angry, frustrated and tired.

He did not find his passport and still left the house for three nights. In the midst, I stopped communicating with him. I did not reply to his messages telling me that he was fine and all that. Do I really care? On the day he was expected home, I told everyone to clear the house. That afternoon, I took my daughter for a swim at the public pools. Before I left, I changed the locks.

I was angry with what he did and was sending a message that I wanted him out of the house forever and never to return. While we were at the pools, he messaged and tried to call me many times. All these while, when he was out with the other woman, he never picked up my calls or replied to my messages. He was frustrated trying to reach me.

After awhile, he messaged me saying that no one could come into the house now. I knew he did something to retaliate at my actions. I contacted my neighbour to check if there was anything different about our front door. My neighbour went over to check and told me that there were two locks on our front gate. I knew then that he had placed another lock so that I could not get in. She asked me why was it that way. I just told her the gist of the story and I put down the phone. My neighbour has noticed the little time my husband has been spending with the family and did ask me once, but I covered for him, saying that it was due to work commitments.

I told the residence in my house to find accommodation for the night. I went back home to my parents for the first time in months. I stayed there for the night. As soon as I had put my daughter to bed, I started receiving calls and messages. I switched off my handphone and went to bed. I was just too tired to handle our marital problems at that moment.

He called my parents’ home telephone and told me that he was going to look for me to ask me for the keys to the new lock I put in place. He said that he was going to come up. H eknew where I was. I said fine. I woke my dad up, locked the front gate and waited for him to knock on the door. When he arrived, I asked what he wanted. He said he wanted the keys. I asked him why. He said he wanted to shower. Huh? That was it, I thought. What rubbish!

I said he could go to any of the hotels he frequented to do so and proceeded to close the door. He kicked the front door open which made my father who was watching everything that was going on, angry and he started shouting at my husband to get lost. My husband became angry. Before he left, he pronounced his divorce on me, as an act of deviance and an attempt at having the final say at the whole matter.

Since then, matters of locks and keys are sensitive matters to me and my husband. He continues to dream of locks from time to time. I suppose it serves to remind him what he did to me. Yes, he is still my husband and there are divine reasons why this is so. My husband has realised his mistakes. Although we have a lot of things to straighten out, he is showing signs of commitment to the family. Only time will tell…


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