Monday, December 11

Long Term Solution To Air Pollution – Whole House Air Purifier

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In the list of various air purifiers, whole house air purifier remains on top.  Though the reasons are varied, but the main advantage of a whole house air purifier is that it remains out of sight.  As it can be installed at any corner of a house, it does not cause any hindrance to the residents, but performs its task efficiently.  It solves the problem of installing different set of air purifier in different rooms and places thus eliminating huge cost. 

While opting for a whole house air purifier, one must keep in mind few points.  First is the necessity.  We must decide why we want to install one.  This purifier has a large range and can remove impurities in air over a large area.  The installation is also simple as it is similar to an air condition installation as well as range of effect.  The ionization effect of this purifier travels throughout the house thus removing dust and suspended particles from all over the house.

Another fact to be taken into consideration is price.  The price though high compared to room air purifier, gets nullified when long term use and area of use is considered.  As whole house air purifier takes care of air of the entire house, there is no need to install separate air purifiers in every room.  Also, once it is installed, there is no need to bother about it for a long period of time.  One can enjoy clean air for about 15-20 years without changing or replacing the purifier.

All said and done, as installing a whole house air purifier is one-time investment, a lot of thought should go into its purchase.  One must be certain about its usage, its area coverage, its price, its utility and other associated cost so as not to repent latter.


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