Monday, December 18

Quick Money Tips – How to Raise Extra Cash or Generate Extra Income

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By taking following steps, you can tide over short-term money problems and get your life under control.

1. Hold garage sale.  Gather all things that have no use for you now and put it on sale.  Try to canvass sale through your neighbors.  By sale of old stuff, your house will look tidier and you can get some cash.

2. Sell whatever is putting strain on your immediate cash flow such as second car, a second home or even new car, whatever that requires regular expense but is not that important for your survival.  This will save expenses that were incurred on these assets and you will get some cash.

3. Try raising money on your life insurance.  If you have unnecessary insurance, adjust that for one single whole life policy.  This will save premium outgo on unnecessary insurance and you are adequately protected too.

4. Stop using credit cards and try to pay off credit card debt as soon as possible.  This will reduce default tension and will curb tendency to over-buy or over-shop.

5. Take up an extra job to tide over current financial crisis.  You can start providing counseling services, tuition, legal advice, anything which brings in some extra cash.

6. Eat out less and if at all you have to eat out, eat at cheap place instead of any fancy restaurant.  Also, walk instead of using car or at least use public transport.  This will cut down unnecessary expenses.

7. If you have any hobby that you can monetize on, make use of it.  Good examples are baking, writing, painting, typing etc.

8. Sell any high-priced article that has no use for you now like antique, furniture, jewelry etc.  You can buy them when you come out of financial crises.


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