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My Computer is so Slow When it Starts, How do I Make my Computer Start Faster?

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If your computer is suffering from a slow boot up, there are many reasons for it.  When you start up your computer, it has to search through numerous registry files.  If errors are found, it is repaired thus consuming time and leads to slow bootup.  If there are no errors, then there are other reasons for slow bootup.  The remedies for slow bootup are as follows.

1. Fine tune basic input/output system (BIOS): In case you experience slow bootup, chances are that it might have got nothing to do with operating system.  This can be result of disorganized configuration of BIOS.  At startup, BIOS runs startup sequence configuring various devices and then boots the system. The remedy for slow bootup is to organize your BIOS. 

2. Booting menu default settings: Another remedy for slow bootup is to boot menu default setting.  This can be done by loading MSCONFIG and shortening the time out.

3. Increase random access memory (RAM): If bootup of your computer is slow, then it is likely that RAM of your computer is not sufficient.  RAM is used as a temporary storage memory by computer that is used when different tasks are being performed by different programs.  Ideally, you should have 256 MB of RAM.  This is another remedy for slow bootup.

4.  Reduce startup files: Another remedy for slow bootup is to delete files that are loaded at startup.  Loads of files get into startup without you realizing it and these delay bootup.  Keep only those files that are necessary such as antivirus software in the startup and delete the rest. 

5. Defrag hard disk: One reason for slow bootup is slow hard disk.  This can be due to fragmentation of files.  The hard disk needs to reach every fragment of the file and this can slow down bootup.  An easy remedy for slow bootup is to use defragmenter to defragment the files and folders.  This will help in patching-up of all the fragmented parts of files and folders and speed up hard disk function and in turn lead to fast bootup.

6. Empty browser cache:  Huge browser cache is one of the reasons for slow bootup.  Browser cache stores temporary internet files that get downloaded when a website is visited.  These files along with cookies take up lot of disk space and lead to slow bootup.  The remedy is to empty browser cache of all the temporary internet files and cookies.


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