Friday, December 15

Quick Business Tips – Networking Myths

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Myth #1. Networking means meeting maximum people you can.

Having a huge number of business cards or meeting each and every businessman in the city cannot bring the desired results. Though networking provides platform for meeting new people, the quality of future prospect is what matters.  Meeting the right people those who can become your potential customer is the key to networking success.

Myth # 2. Networking means informing everyone regarding your business at every given opportunity.

Though you can inform as many people as you want about your business and wherever you want, but most likely they may forget about it in short span of time.  To be in their memory, you must approach them so as to solve some of their need or offer some service which they require.

Myth # 3. Networking is a very difficult task.

Actually networking is a natural phenomenon.  It happens when you keep in touch with more acquaintances and make new contacts with the idea of helping them out in one form or other.

Myth # 4. You should begin networking while you are searching for a job

It is better to start networking early on rather than wait for the next job.  This will help in building contacts for the job search which will come your way if you are working and not close to retirement.

Myth # 5. Networking is helpful only for entrepreneurs.

It is pertinent to have business experts and contacts at your service which is useful for you as a corporate person.  It is also essential to stay in contact with other professionals in order to get future prospects for your business and for prospective career issues which are different from that of your own.

Myth # 6. Networking means wasting time.

You are surely going to waste your time if you approach each meeting as an opportunity to showcase your goods and services.  You will also be wasting your time if you go on telling every person you meet about your business but do not show any interest in his needs.  So as not to waste time, you should cultivate relationships.

Myth # 7. Networking is very expensive.

Networking is not that expensive and in some cases it is free.  For example, if you join Yahoo! group, it is free and so is LinkedIn which is used by about 15 million users. Meeting people face-to-face in your own cities and town will cost nothing except for minimal travelling expenses.


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