Thursday, December 14

Benefits of a Search-Engine Friendly Site

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If and when one decides to start a small business and uses internet as a tool for marketing, the budget is shoestring budget.  That is where search engines comes to one’s rescue.  They help in visibility factor getting high for your website thus leading to successful business venture.  What actually happens is that your website gets a search engine ranking making people searching the internet reach you.  Higher the ranking, higher the visibility as more and more people may see your site and they may be your potential customers resulting in huge profits for the business.

When a person surfing the web puts his query in the search box and presses search button, the crawlers and spiders used by search engines start locating web pages and websites related to the search word or phrase.  This results in millions of pages being located.  If your website has a higher ranking, it will be on the first page and can be seen by searcher first without wasting time going through other pages.  Hence it is very important to have high ranking for your website.

It must be kept in mind while designing a website that the pictures and graphics are of no use as far as search engine is concerned.  The spiders and crawlers do not recognize them.   They usually go for the heading at the top and hence one must have good keyword-rich heading for the website. 

For utmost search engine optimization, one must be particular about the title of the website as this is what is seen by a person who is searching the net as compared to pages with the same name but different title.  Along with title of website, one must take care of the content of the website too. The content should be high in keywords though it is not advisable to place one keyword after another as this will be treated by the search engine as keyword spamming.  It is also not advisable to have same title for all the pages of your website as your website may loose some traffic due to confusion created by the same title.  It is profitable to have different title for each page of the website relevant to the matter or the content on that particular page of a website.  The title tag must be less than eighty characters length wise which includes spaces. 

Thus, for a good search engine optimization, it is essential to have your site ranked high in search engine.  For this to happen, it is imperative that the site has unique title on every page and has keyword-rich title. This will help in getting high rank on the search engine thus helping small business to get more customers and hence earn profit.


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