Monday, December 11

Passive Revenue Stream – Autosurf Programs

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Autosurf programs are easy to follow and start. These programs allow surfer to view ads for few seconds.  These ads are set to an automatic timer and a surfer needs to just view these ads which change after fixed time interval set up by the auto-timer.  The surfer is paid to view these ads.  Though a tiny amount, it bulges over a time period and is an easy and simple way to make a decent legal income. As it is a lucrative opportunity, there are numerous autosurf programs and choosing few best is a gigantic task.  Following points can make this easy.

1. Check for those autosurf programs that have lasted for more than five years.  Most of the fly-by-night programs disappear after one or two years.

2. Check rating of programs and then decide on basis of popularity and ratings. Use google to search for such programs.

3. Check trustworthiness of programs through their forum. If a program does not have a forum, do not opt for it.  If users are praising a particular program on its forum, immediately sign-up for this program. Signing-up is free is most cases.

4. If possible, make a small investment.  Once you have chosen an autosurf program, try to upgrade your membership by paying up-gradation fees.  First collect some amount as a free member and use that amount to pay for up-gradation.  Up-gradation provides numerous other opportunities which a free member does not get.

5. To earn big money, be regular in surfing.  The more you surf, the more you earn.  There are people who are minting money by autosurfing.


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