Monday, December 11

Passive Revenue Stream – Blog Profits

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As blogging gains momentum, it makes one wonder whether this can turn into source of full time income.  If one has good writing skills, blogs can turn into full time income provided the articles written are informative, entertaining and devoid of grammatical errors.

If a writer decides to write in a newspaper or a journal, generally it takes lot of time for his write-ups to get published, leave alone earning money.  Once he has established himself, then he may start earning from his writings.  But if internet is used as a medium, the reach of articles will be wide due to the spread of internet.  Blog provides a platform for such writers who have creativity, but do not have readers.  Hence, they are not able to monetize on their skills.  A freelancer can write for someone else’s blog and get paid or he can design his own blog and market his blog so as to reach maximum readers.

Blogging sites offer good platform for you to popularize your blog and thus earn from it.  To make your blog an earning machine, you can show advertisements on it.  Care must be taken to have those ads which are relevant to the topic of your blog.  This is a long-term effort as you have to update your blog regularly so as to keep it fresh and interesting for the visitors.  Adsense by Google offers advertisements which are relevant to your blog content and if a visitor clicks on those ads, you earn part of the earning from the advertiser.  The amount may be small, but as the blog attracts traffic over a period of time, income can also rise from resultant clicks on ads.

At the end, it is apparent that by using blogging sites as launching platform for your blog and popularizing it with informative and interesting content, you can earn full-time income from your blog.  Though this may take time, it is worth it as the stream of income increases with increased traffic your blog attracts.


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