Monday, December 11

Computer Maintenance – Improving Speed And Performance

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While you make an attempt to speed up your sluggish computer, you need to be aware that there is direct correlation between speed and maintenance of your computer.  In order to speed up your personal computer, you can take following steps towards maintenance and upkeep of your machine so as to improve its longevity.

1. Clean up your computer: First and foremost, you need to clean your personal computer thoroughly.  This can be done by removing programs that are not in use.  You need to remove spyware, malware and viruses. Using antivirus software can be useful here.  Defragment all the fragmented files.  Also, make sure that your browser cache is empty.  Delete all the temporary internet files along with cookies. Once you have taken all these steps, you will see effective change in your computer’s speed and performance.  These steps lead to increase in disk space and improve disk performance.  In longer term, these steps can enhance life of your computer. 

2. Internal maintenance: As you clean and maintain your automobile, do that for your computer.  Remove dust and debris accumulated inside your computer at least once a month.  This will keep the parts dust-free and they won’t deteriorate and function properly for longer period of time.  This, in turn, will increase the life, performance and speed of your machine.  Clean mouse regularly so as to prevent cursor from moving erratically due to accumulation of dust.  Also, clean your monitor screen so as to provide clear viewing.

3. Proper ventilation: Excessive heat can damage computer parts and decrease its performance.  Place your computer in a properly ventilated area and avoid damp area.  Dampness can lead to rusting of some computer parts leading to breakdown of your system.  Place your system in a dust-free area above the ground so as to avoid dust from entering inside central processing unit (CPU).  Keep your system away from direct sunlight.  These steps will help in enhancing your personal computer’s life and increase its speed due to excellent performance of its various parts.

4. Adequate power supply: Erratic and fluctuating power supply can cause immense damage to your computer and lessen its performance and life.  To increase life of your computer, it is pertinent to have good electrical conditions and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with surge protector.  This will prevent power outage or poor quality of electricity from harming your computer and its various parts.  


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