Thursday, December 14

We Are Not Kings.

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            It pains me to see what we human beings, God’s lesser duplicate are capable of doing. Yes, we have done much good in this world as we continue to push the ever expanding boundaries set upon us through our life’s existence. To balance things off as so widely shown and plastered upon Chinese folklore that balance and equilibrium is key! Where there is an action there is a reaction, as so do where light and hope shine so do evil and darkness dwell. We have seen heroes and saints praised and honored upon our society but murderers and other unspeakable foul beast are among us hiding in plain sight as we go on our day ignoring unseemly obvious signs in which exposes their presence but yet are so easily forgotten as we do not intend to look for trouble or rather preferred that trouble came knocking by it’s own intent. Ignorance is bliss to many as another day passes by this superficial social group that spans the entire planet we call home.

            We have done much damage since the great evolution in which we were gifted the intelligence to use our oversized brains to a sufficient level of it’s potential yet we proclaim ourselves kings and rulers over what was never and will never be ours. Mother Nature and Father Time will consume even the greatest of Man so why is that arrogance and smugness which flourishes in our society that presents us the false impression of power and glory be left to unattended is for our minds cannot fully comprehend how very wrong we are. But be as it so, credit where it’s given. Man have done much over the past millennia evolving from primal apes to the civilized and knowledge stricken individuals we are today as the human spirit and cunning intelligence have brought out the best in man and has given them the upper hand in the battle for the coveted crown of supreme rulers of this planet.

            One of the main and pivotal points of our survival and coronation as Kings is owed particularly to our ingenious and dominant spirit to push the limit! As long as man can dream, forwards we will march in a manner worthy of the honors of a King! One of the greatest flaws is that we are also capable of dark deeds on par with the Devil himself yet at the exact same moment have the comprehensive wisdom and humility to recognize this evil potential of man thus written laws were drawn upon to govern and protect those unable to do so themselves. Murder! Incest! Cannibalism! are just but a mere numerical number of acts in which were banished into the human Law which in each passing day comes the addition of so many foul acts as our ingenuity cooks up new and more gruesome acts of evil into our already twisted minds wrapping it’s hideous tentacles across it giving us pleasure while choking the very life out of it , never releasing it’s grip for all eternity.


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