Monday, December 11

Play Video Games to Increase Child Learning Ability

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Why I chose the title above? Of course many who disagree with me. But how any differences are something beautiful. okay back to the problem “Video Games Can improve the ability of children”. For parents video games that give a negative impact on children. Because according to them by playing video games will cause children to be angry and obesity. However, what really impacts the game is always a bad thing? Much research investigating this case. and the result, video games are known to increase the power of thought of a child. By playing games and brain synchronization capabilities will increase a child’s hand. For example, if the child-themed adventure game play, then the right brain will rise sharply and faster thinking. By playing the puzzle game will improve the accuracy of think they are. Video games can be a good thing for parents to teach their children. Parents should give video games their children tapat for learning materials. For example to improve numeracy skills children can play games about math. For children who lack in terms of the English language can play a Scrabble game. Is not that a good thing for child development. Just advice for parents. We’re not just looking at video games could cause a negative thing for our children because of video games not only adversely. With the video games our children’s brainpower will increase. Video games can also build a strong relationship with the child. If we play a video game to our children, our relationship with our children will more closely. But video games do not also become the main reference for menigkatakan child’s ability. position of physical exercise and social interaction should also be given. In this case, the video game only as a complement to increase the ability of the child.


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