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Farmville Tips

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How to level up quickly? To level up you need to accumulate experience points. You can level up quickly in the early stage by plowing land and planting crops since the experience you get is plenty. Once you get through the initial stages, you need more and more experience points to level up. Here are some tips for playing farmville:

  • You can get more experience by buying decoration or structure.

  • Consider which crops to plant. Compare the time you need to harvest with the experience points. Crops like strawberries will get you more than 2 experience points a day because you can harvest them every 4 hours.

  • Calculate earning per hour. For example, strawberries sell for 35 coins per square harvested and they take 4 hours to grow. Pumpkins, on the other hand, take 8 hours to grow and sell for 68 coins per square of land harvested. That means, you’ll earn 8.75 coins per hour for strawberries, and 8.5 coins per hour for pumpkins. Although the difference may seem a little, these small amounts can add up very fast.

  • If you’re not going to be able to get back playing your farm for 8 hours, you are much better off planting the pumpkins or other plants which needs more time to harvest. The longer you leave a crop mature, the less you’ll be getting per hour once you harvest it. You can make money fast on crops that mature quickly if you are ready to harvest and replant as soon as they’re mature.

  • It’s pretty easy to earn a few ribbons in FarmVille. As you just go about your daily tasks, you’ll wind up accomplishing at least some of the early ribbon-worthy tasks. You may notice when you do win one though, that the bonuses they pay out are pretty hefty. You can actually earn a lot of money and experience points quickly if you collect as many ribbons as you can.

  • You do have limited resources, particularly when you’re just starting out in FarmVille. Because of this, it’s a good idea to focus on one type of ribbon at a time.

  • Neighbors help you get ribbons both directly and indirectly. There are ribbons for just having a certain number of neighbors, how many times you help your neighbors out, and how many different types of gifts you receive. All of these categories are easier to progress in the more neighbors you have, so don’t hesitate to hit up your friends and earn some ribbons that way too.

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