Sunday, December 17

The Power of Asian Horror Movies

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Although once boasted that Hollywood would not recycled (remake) Asian horror films, this year due to some Japanese horror films, like his remake of Dark Water and Pulse fail commercially, yet the filmmaker finally in there licking its Saliva. If you remember the success of Grudge (Ju-on) and The Ring, it seems that some are tempted to remake Asian horror film, with the hope of success would be the dish itself. This time not only the Japanese-horror remakes. Begin to look at Thailand and China has recently failed to make horror movies that kicked off.

But is the film production to Asia Hollywood film makers who incidentally are more powerful and sophisticated would have a better job? If the technical side of photography and cinematography in Hollywood seemed really did The Grudge and The Ring is more sensitive by originally who have a history a little ‘nonsense’, with an image quality that is sometimes confused and confusing. However, if building a similar fear seems unpredictable for Hollywood in this case. Understandably, they are familiar with the genre of horror that his plot fast. For this reason, some remakes, horror movies they like force must provide the tension from beginning to end. Indeed, the practice in Asia, more horror movies slow but sure aliases terrible secret. As once said Rob Zombie (director of Devil’s Reject, House of 1000 Corpses, Halloween, and reboot), the feeling of Asian horror films very different from that of Western countries. ‘If at first seems quiet, calm, the Asian horror film will finally make people scared to death, Rob has said in an interview on television.

Well, the action lick spittle Hollywood film this year represented by a remake of One Missed Call (Chakhusin Ari / Japan), The Eye (Gin Gwaii / Hong Kong), and Shutter (Thailand). Unfortunately, the remake does not render new taste sensation in Hollywood. Of the three films is obvious that the improvisations that have made Hollywood was unable to deceive his audience that the movie made only an originally copy-paste version. The most obvious is the film Shutter. The movie was still waving to the cinema in Jakarta is so good at not taking anything’s new, except the characters. Although there is something new, instead explaining that this film is worse than Thai version. Through the character of lazy writing that renewal, I was reluctant to explain the details of the wickedness of the remake film.

If you want clear, try hunting DVD version of shutter Thailand and immediately see the Hollywood version. But, with great in spectators filled the theatre space shooting film, I’m sure most of them want only to compare the movie with the original version. Or you could also see a remake of his first version and then promptly went to the store to buy a DVD seller and directly compare the original version. The result, two thumbs up for Thai directors. They managed to lose Hollywood film photography. Then, the fuss made about the height the Hollywood remake of Asian horror films, particularly in Thailand, which is almost as close, it makes me incredibly jealous. Sure. Remake of the success of Thailand Shutter make the country increasingly known as a quality horror film-makers from Southeast Asia.  

Honestly, we really dominated the production status of horror films. But a lot was only a few who deserve a good fellow, though most are not even appropriate in-remake by Hollywood. Most Indo horror shows more than ghost sightings but instead set aside the quality of the story. This eye feels tired all the time if the appearance of a ghost, but his story full of shit. Especially if obsessed ‘dapper’ with a display of pure white dress and smooth hair-like in rebounds.

Although our country has Suzanna, dubbed the Queen of Horror I think in any country already have someone like him. Any past, local horror enables it scared me so far. Moreover, our country has a lot of folklore is full of mystery. Unfortunately, the film has now even destroyed these myths by cultivating insouciance. I was already a fan of horror movies bloody western, not a film that focuses on the figure of a ghost like Asian horror. So I continue to hope that the quality of local horror films, the best improvement in the local cinema with other genres. However, as native citizens, would feel proud if the work of the nation has been adapted by other countries, also, the country known for more powerful and sophisticated as the Americans.


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