Sunday, December 17

How to Enhance Your Bust-1

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1. Push-ups

Place both hands on the ground shoulder wide, kneel on the floor with knees closed together, legs back up with body leaning forward. Keep your back straight and tighten the buttocks. Slowly lower your upper body bending the elbows until chest comes touching the ground, then use the strength of the elbow slowly to push the body up, back in situ. Repeat 12 times. Although push-ups will not make chest fat increased, they will strengthen the muscles underneath the chest hence help with the overall firming. The push-up exercise can also make your abdomen flat and strong.

2. Yoga-style upper body stretch

Kneel on the ground with hands naturally relax on the thigh, placing the pressure from the hip & thigh to the legs (imagine you ‘sit’ like the Japanese). Straight both of your arms back until the palms touching the heels. Then hands together & move arms up from your back as far as possible, while your upper body lowers down to the ground until your chest touching the knees. Repeat 12 times. This little trick can prevent your bust from sagging by enhancing breast tissues. It also gives you a great upper body stretch, relieving neck & chest tension.

3. Small exercises using books

Prepare two books of uniform thickness, not too heavy, one in each hand. Sit straight, while bending your elbows, open arms to your sides with a big breath in. Breathing out, return bent arms to front of the chest until elbows touch, and then separate your upper arms (don’t move the elbows) to make a V shape. Relax & repeat 12 times.

This is simple & you can do it when you are watching TV. It can strengthen the chest muscles & hence make your bust look perkier!

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