Wednesday, December 13

Bad Habits Against Weight Loss

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Habit 1: skip breakfasts: Many are either too busy to have a proper breakfast or skip it hoping to lose that extra pounds. Actually this habit may cost your health in the long run resulting in decreased metabolism. Not only will you be lack of energy to stay sharp & perform normal daily tasks, but also you tend to eat more for lunch or dinner making it very hard to lose weight.

Habit 2: have big dinners: Insulin secretion peaks in the evening in response to big dinner, which will transform glucose into fat accumulating in the blood vessel wall. This increases the chance of being obese given the sedentary urban lifestyle. At the same time, your digestive system is burdened long term disturbing your biological clock & making you hard to sleep well.

Habit 3: fruit diet: Instead of having proper meals, many women go for fruits-only diet trying to lose weight. Although this may be a good detox if you only do it for 1 or 2 day every few weeks, experts have warn that it is more likely to lead to eating disorders. Also, fruits only contain vitamins and sugar but not protein or certain trace elements that are essential to human body’s normal function. The result is nutrition imbalance making it easier for the body to accumulate fat as it is regarded as ‘starve’ state.

Habit 4: eat too quickly: Short or quick lunch seems to be the norm in busy modern life. Many do not properly chew their food & eat when they walk (or drive!). You may not know that proper chewing actually help with the secretion of amylase (initial digestive enzymes) from saliva. So eating too quickly increases the burden of your digestive system, which will result in indigestion or reflux. Also, your appetite tends to be bigger as satisfaction signal is not sent from your stomach to your brain in time even after you may have eaten 10 hamburgers! No wonder losing weight is proven to be hard here.

So have you got any of these bad habits? If so, try to improve today to stay healthy & thin. Losing weight is not hard if you are determined and do it the right way.

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