25 Random Things About Me – How To Participate On Facebook

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I was tagged by two Facebook friends in their recent notes titled “25 Random Things About Me”.  I have also seen other friends post the same type of note in their Facebook profiles.  The idea of this activity and the personal information that will be revealed intrigued me, but I was not sure how to participate.  So I researched the rules and they are listed below. 

Once you have been tagged in someone else’s 25 Random Things About Me note, you have an obligation to write your own note for your friends with 25 random things about you (i.e. facts, habits, goals, life experiences).  Post the note under the tab titled “notes” in your profile. 

At the end of the note, choose 25 friends to be tagged.  You must include in the tags any friends who tagged you in their note.  If you were tagged, it means that the person who wrote the note wants to know more about you.

As a courtesy, you should copy and paste the instructions above in the beginning of your note so that the people who you tag will know what to do and will be more likely to reciprocate by writing their own notes.

Have fun with it!  I usually avoid games and applications on Facebook but this one proves to be an interesting way to get to know your friends in a deeper way.  Don’t forget that anyone can see your note on Facebook, not just the friends who you have tagged.


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