What Are The Best Topics to Write About on Bukisa

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It’s simple to be a consistent and interesting Bukisa writer if you never run out of ideas.  I’m always on the lookout for new topics to write about.  I also take time each day to browse through the most popular articles to see what people want to read about.  Then I realized that the topic idea dilemma would be a good article for people who are just starting out on their article writing career.

Bukisa Topic #1 – Money / Personal Finance / Shopping

There are infinite topics to explore if you think about all the information web surfers look for on money issues.  I’ve seen many top viewed articles whose topics were personal finance and shopping (especially grocery shopping).  You also can’t lose with tutorials about how to purchase certain expensive items such as plasma televisions, computers and stereo equipment. 

Bukisa Topic #2 – Kids and Parenting

Anyone who has kids, takes care of kids or works with kids has knowledge on all aspects of childhood.  An article writer can expand on behavior matters and school issues.  All aspects of fertility, pregnancy and babyhood are perpetual topics which are interesting to expectant and new mothers and also women who are trying to get pregnant.  Baby product reviews are popular articles, as parents always want to read others’ opinions before purchasing essentials such as cribs, stroller, car seats, diapers and baby food.

Bukisa Topic #3 – Travel / Local Attractions

Just like baby items, travelers want to read about the places they are intending to visit.  Anytime you visit a local attraction in a touristy area or travel to another city or country, you will have several articles in your line-up.  First you can discuss the hotel / resort you stayed at.  If it’s a big hotel or a resort, you can break the articles down into the resort’s accommodations and restaurants, adult activities, and kids’ activities.  Then you can expand into covering the local attractions, shopping and if applicable, the local beaches or nature areas.

If you visited a city, you can describe all of the city’s museums in one article and the historic buildings in another article (historic buildings can mean churches, monuments, memorials or statues/squares).  You can then slant another article to cover the city from a kid’s view and then from a couple’s view, etc, focusing on the highlights that each type of traveler would want to experience.

Bukisa Topic #4 – Tutorials

“How to” articles are a staple of article websites.  There are always several tutorial types of articles in the most popular section on Bukisa.  If you are an expert on a certain type of computer application, you can either write tutorials about it or use a program like Macromedia Flash to record your voice and computer screen and make a video tutorial. 

Bukisa readers also like tutorials about how to make crafts, how to succeed on Ebay, and how to do anything related to website hosting, coding or running a website.  Tutorials about how to manage the different aspects of your career are also good topics.

Bukisa Topic #5 – Diet and exercise

One of my most popular articles on the internet is an article I wrote about Weight Watchers.  If you have experience with certain diets, you can write about the science and research behind the diet, the food required for the diet (this is good with diets in which the food is already provided – readers want to know how you liked the food), and tips on how to stay on the diet.  Exercise is another hot topic, as Bukisa readers like to try new exercise regimes.  You can write about your local gym, the best running shoes you have purchased or exercise tips for people who don’t want to join a gym.

Bukisa Topic #6 – Product Reviews

I briefly mentioned product reviews previously in this article.  Many times, women want to see what other users think about a new product they are considering purchasing.

I’ve also seen product reviews for beauty items like shampoo, conditioner, facial creams, hand lotions, cleansers and soap.  Foods are also good to review.  If you have absolutely no idea on what to write about, you can always write a review of what you ate as a snack last night or the ice cream you recently bought at the supermarket. 

I hope I’ve helped you with some new Bukisa article ideas and will enjoy reading your articles!


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