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A Guide to Best Handbags in Fashion

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Despite the fact that many fashion accessory trends wane there’re several of classic small bags that will probably never go out of style. These beautiful handbags aren’t actually must have fashion accessories accessories, but heirlooms. Their unique design has inspired a lot of designs as well as imitations.

The Coach Kristin handbag is as popular with fashion-conscious women these days just as its initial creation. It is probably the lightest, simples, easiest, and most comfortable handbag on the market. Basically, everyone who carries it looks fabulous. But be careful. There are a lot of counterfeit ones in circulation. Counterfeiters make it harder on the rest of us. A fake Coach wristlet or a handbag usually shows poorly executed or uneven stitching.

The Hermès Birkin Handbag is probably one of the most popular small bags of all times. The extremely high price tag as well as a two year waiting list definitely means that it has become more of a status symbol in the world of fashion than anything else. This beautiful bag was inspired by the young female artist and a singer Jane Birkin

The Fendi Baguette handbag is basically a new model. Believe it or not, it got its name after the French baguette due to its unique slim-line shape. A woman can carry it under her arm.

Last but definitely not the least is the Hermès Kelly Bag. This stylish handbag joins the ranks of coveted bags and stands right next to its sister the Birkin in terms of status symbol, elegance and superior craftsmanship. Here is an interesting fact – it usually takes somewhere around twenty five hours to complete this bag. This small handbag first came under spotlight back it the late ‘50s.  

These magnificent fashion accessories and status symbols have withstood the ultimate test of time in the ever-changing world of fashion. Their never dying appeal transcends virtually all fashion trends as well as age groups. For those lucky women out there who can afford to own the real thing, these handbags prove a worthwhile investment.


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