Thursday, December 14

How The Internet Has Changed Our Lives

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The internet has changed many people’s life and the way they do their work. It has managed to bridge different parts of the world together in an efficient and seamless manner, creating a virtual world of information and resources that is easily accessible and convenient it has become a virtual world in which people have come to rely on. As long as you have access telephone line and have subscribed to a service provider, you are easily connected to this virtual cyberspace.

Even though the internet is a system of interconnected networks connecting with computers all over the world, it has been structured in such a way that with that if any one node were destroyed the rest of the network would not be affected.

One of the most obvious benefits of the internet is its ability to allow people from different corners of the world to communicate easily with no complicated steps or procedures. Friends and family members who live far away can be contacted easily within a click of a mouse, through email or messaging programs like MSN or Yahoo Messenger. Information abounds on the internet; there is almost everything under the sun that can be found on the internet product and movie reviews, cooking recipes, advice, photos, nature, pets etc

Information abounds on the internet, making it one of the first places student look to when researching for a project. Gone are the days when they had to find hardcopies of books and tediously look through for the information they require. It is now possible to narrow down their searches for information, books and even paragraphs, by using search engines or the search function in library programs; all within the fraction of the time it used to take.
Communities have also started coming together online to share experiences or learn from each other, from learning how to cook to become skilled at using Photoshop or even gain knowledge of how to take photos. By doing so, lives’ are enriched and people get to meet new people around the world as well.

Businesses have also started making use of the internet as well: creating websites that are interactive and providing detailed information on the type of business they do and the service that they provide. By doing so, they are able to reach a larger target audience then if they were to just rely on conventional means of promotion people from all over the globe are able to get acquainted with their business, thus opening up business opportunities.

Marketing online has also become popular as it reaches out to target audiences that might be unreached through conventional marketing strategies. Businesses are also cashing in on this growing opportunity by advertising their websites online through banners or links, expanding their consumer base and increasing their exposure as a result.

Some businesses have taken it a step further by offering products online, allowing consumers from other parts of the world to be able to purchase an item they might not other be able to. An example of this would be EBay, which enables individuals or other business entities to connect with potential consumers and sell their products online to various parts of the world.

Many have also used and are still using the internet as a means to voice out their opinions. This can be seen in bogs or journals kept online allowing people from other parts of the world to catch a brief glimpse into the life of these virtual authors; it can be an enriching experience.

Although the internet is a beneficial tool in which people can use, it is a “double edged sword” that is not only used to enrich but also able to tarnish one’s cyber experience, as people with malicious and criminal intent also make use of the internet.

With the abundance of information available on the internet, not all information is reliable. So one must be careful when browsing the internet and not believe something on any page fully, unless it’s from a reliable website. It is also a virtual world filled with the dangers of worms, viruses and Trojans, if one is not careful and not properly protected against such dangers.

As technology improves so will the abilities and functions of the internet, making it a great tool that can be easily used and accessed to information gets shared more effectively and efficiently. But whether all that information is for good or for bad, it’s really the mindsets and values of the people sharing it that matters the most. Even with all the properly safeguards in place, it is nearly impossible to filter all malicious websites or the ones with dubious, unreliable information. As soon as one “bad” website gets taken down, another will soon get put up shortly. The internet truly is a great tool, and it’s up to us to determine how we want to it to be structured, shaping it into the kind of cyber society that we would like to see.


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