Friday, December 15

Are You a Morning Person?

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Before I really thought I was a night person cause I hate waking up early. I also like to sleep late and party. So, when I applied for a job I thought I can do graveyard shift w/ a breeze, but lo and behold I only lasted for 2 days. I feel so ashamed… Now, i think I’m a morning person. I also realized that I can concentrate more in the morning than at night which means I can accomplish more work in the morning.  

Here are some reasons you might be a morning person:

1. If you love being up when the sun comes up.

2. If your a home maker with kids and  lots of works to do.

3. If you love working at day and sleeping at night.

4. If you  tend to do more productive things in the morning and after lunch you tend to be really lazy.

5. If you like the feeling of waking up early and feeling the cool gentle breeze of air. 

6. If you  believe that “The early bird catches the worms.”

7. If  you want to do more things without in a hurry.

8.  If you are cheerful in the morning.

9.  If you like drinking coffee while working in the morning.

10. If you like sleeping whole night.         .


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