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What You Should Know About Guinea Pig Cages And Hutches

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When you are deciding what sort of cage you are getting for your Guinea Pigs, it is necessary that you have a big enough hatch for the Guinea Pig as well as all it’s toys and trimmings. The guinea pig cage needs to be large enough so they are able to ran around and play for fitness. The sleeping and eating spots should be on opposite ends:

Its important to decide on a guinea house that is a appropriate dimension built from nontoxic materials and is escape proof. The most secure cages are built from plastic, steel, wire, or a mixture of these materials. Timber cages are without problems chewed through and glass guinea cages do not provide enough ventilation and could also break easily. No wires mesh flooring.

A secure door or lid will keep your guinea pig inside and other critters out. Large enough to provide ramps and activity areas While guinea pigs aren’t agile and do not climb very well, they do require places to play, explore and exercise. What you place in the guinea cage is just as important as what dimension the Guinea pig cage is. A big guinea cage lacking the necessary accessories is going to be uninteresting for your Guinea Pig, also it might sooner or later have a harmful effect on their physical and psychological condition. The cage should be cleaned weekly and the Guinea pigs Bedding changed and kept clean.

These things ought to be in your guinea pig’s cage: Something that they can snooze and hide in, piece of tube that can be used as a tunnel, shoe boxes. Heavy terracotta food dish and not to high or the Cavie will not be able to reach the food and not to short or the Guinea Pig will climb abd spoil the food. For drinking water its best to use them pet water bottles with a spout so there is aways water and they can’t climb in to spoil there drinking water. Keep there feeding hay in a hay holder so it does not mix with there bedding . Clean dry wood shavings or wood fiber for bedding. Make the cage fun for your guinea by adding ramps, toys and tunnels to keep them active. Don’t over do it by adding to much, there needs to be room for them to move around without to much clatter in their way.

For indoor’s the guinea pig cage should be place some where, where the Guinea Pig will be able to get the sun light. Some good places for the guinea pig cage would be along a wall or under a window, if you have room in your garage that would also be a good place for them. The cage should also be placed some where quiet with little noise or commotion. Temperature is also one more thing to keep in mind; the hatch should be placed some where between sixty five° and 75°F or you Guinea Pig is at risk at getting unwell.

For out doors the guinea house should be placed in a place out of the high temperature all through the day but warm sufficient at nighttime, under a shade fabric or underneath your porch is a good idea; this will stop the rain or dew decaying the cage. It should also be located nearby to the home; the further away the Guinea Pig is to the home, the less interest it will get. So keep it close to the home, under a shade cloth or balcony and away from high temperature and rainfall. The hatch should be sited some where between sixty five° and 75°F


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