Help To Quit Smoking

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I myself am a smoker, and this is something I have as a goal to quit this year. In order to do this I feel there are some tips that are gonna help me quit. First and foremost smoking causes more problems than good. I have been thinking about it this way why do I want to keep paying around four dollars a day to kill myself? I am sick of the fact that ciggarettes are getting more and more costly. I think this is a good thing that I am getting sick and tired of paying those high prices. I feel if you want to quit than this falls more on yourself, I mean I must admit I do like to smoke but the cons seem to be out weighing the pros. I mean there are really no pros expect in my head.

I also feel that you should set a date and at least make the attempt to quit. I have been looking online for sites that help and there are so many. I did find one that had a low cost and I think that I am gonna give it a try. To stop smoking would give me so many things back as well, my sense of smell, no more yellow fingers from the smoke. I have been thinking about all these things before my attempt to quit. If you would like to look at the program I found it is available here.

There are hotlines as well as other websites that can help people quit too. I am gonna make the attempt here in about 2 weeks, my hope is that I can do it, and if not I will try again until I get it right.


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