Monday, December 18

Should I Use a Child Harness on my Child?

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The creation of child harnesses has been one of the greatest inventions by the child safety industry. Child harnesses keep a parents child close to them in crowded places, and prevents the child from wandering off into a direction that they should not go. As parents, we all know that it only takes a few seconds for your child to wander out of your sight, especially if they are at the 2 or 3 years old stage where they just want to be free and on their own.

If child harnesses are so great then why do some people have a problem with them? The main reason for this kind of thinking is simply that some people view child harnesses as a leash. Of course by using the term leash they are making comparisons to a child and a dog. In other words they are saying that parents who use a toddler harness are treating their child like they are an animal. Most people with this kind of thinking simply are not parents and do not understand that all it takes is a couple of seconds for a parent to lose sight of a child who has wandered off.

When child harnesses first came out they sort of did look like an animals leash. They were simply a strap that would be connected around the toddlers body that the parent would hold. Things sure have changed though, child harnesses now come in all sorts of different colors and designs and many children actually enjoy wearing a child harness. The main reason for this is that many of the toddler harnesses made today come as some kind of character or animal figure. It is sort of like the child carrying around with them their favorite stuffed animal. Some of the child harnesses that can be purchased today even come with a backpack on it.

The decision to use a child harness or not will come down to you, that is your right as a parent. Most people do not have a problem with child harnesses but if you feel that it is wrong, it is your right to feel that way and you should not use a child harness on your kid. If you feel that by using a child harness your child will be safer in a crowded place with you, then you should use a child harness. When purchasing a child harness it is a good idea to know what their favorite animal or character is that way you can get them one that they will really enjoy.

Where can i find child harnesses? You can find them at any of your major retailers as they will always be in the toddler section. You can also find them online at some of the popular websites out there. if you are looking for a particular child harness just type it in and search, if what your looking for exist then it should show up. As a parent of many children, I have always lived by the saying “better safe than sorry.” If you live by the same saying, go right on ahead and get your child a safety harness.  


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