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Celebrated Canines: Five Famous Dogs in Fiction And Comics

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Timmy (or Timothy) is the pet dog of Georgina (popularly known as George) of the Famous Five which was a creation of the famous children’s author Enid Blyton. It consists of Julian, his siblings Dick and Anne, their cousin George, and Timmy. Together the Famous Five have been through many adventures and have solved several mysteries and their chronicles have enthralled and enchanted countless readers over generations.

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Scamper is the pet of Peter and his sister Janet of the Secret Seven which again was created by Enid Blyton. The Secret Seven consist of Peter, Janet, Pam, Barbara, Jack, Colin and George (not to be confused with the Famous Five’s George). They have regular meetings in Peter’s garden shed and try to solve various mysteries in and around their region. Scamper takes an active part in solving these mysteries and is of great help to the seven. Their stories have entertained children over the years.       

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Dollar is the name of Richie Rich’s dog. The name Dollar is probably on account of the dollar signs in its body. Richie Rich has been featured in comics, animated series and even in celluloid. Along with his parents, the family butler Cadbury, his friends Freckles and Pee-Wee, his girlfriend Gloria, and his pet dog Dollar, he has a lot of fun and takes part in many adventures.

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Snoopy is the famous ‘multi talented’ dog belonging to Charlie Brown of the popular comic strip ‘Peanuts’ created by Charles Schulz. Snoopy often attempts writing stories which usually begin with ‘It’s a dark and stormy night….’ Apart from that, he also takes turns at being an attorney, a flying ace, a regular dog, etc. ‘Peanuts’ is considered to be one of the most widely circulated comic strip in the world. Elegant wit and circumstances seen through the eyes of a child are the hallmarks of ‘Peanuts’. Snoopy also plays and important part by providing his own perspective on various situations and his constant juggling of various personas.

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A name that hardly needs an introduction, Snowy is Tintin’s endearing pet. He has accompanied Tintin to his various adventures. Often, he manages to get himself into awkward and amusing situations. Apart from that, he often makes interesting and curious observations. Since Tintin has been translated into various languages, Snowy is known by different names in different languages.

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