Friday, December 15

Taking Care OF The One And Only Earth

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The true “New Age” man, like the true engineer/scientist/progressive artist/ scientific philosopher will be  completely uninterested in  pseudo-problems of  its  religions,civilizations and cultures but  will be deeply interested in the Planet’s real  material problems like racial problems, problems of climate change and  problems of food,housing and clothing   for the poverty ridden millions. He is deeply worried about the very future of Planet Earth particularly about fate of  Biosphere (all its living beings including man).What with unbridled use of hydrocarbon fuels, the thoughtless,irresponsible,cynical and selfish behavior of some politicians and industrialists and ever present dangers like nuclear war etc he is really very  very worried.But he is the person who has the capacity,brain and desire to set right all things.He is really mighty.

When he examines the “ground situation”  he sees that 90% of Earth’s people are illiterate ,ill fed,very poor and suffering from ill health and do not have two square meals a day. Let us theorise like this.If people of Earth are to be happy all earth should first  be divided into thousands of “self governing units” each  a square of say  “100×100 kilometers” dimension. Then all these administrative districts should be modernized  i.e. action should be taken on a global scale to provide all the required minimum facilities like sufficient food grains supply, good educational facilities,good health ,housing and transport. The global government consisting of only scientists and technocrats(with a heart of gold and well versed in art,philosophy and ethics examined from a modern scientific angle in the service of entire humanity) should make all supplies to them with greatest promptness and without least favouritism.

 At present consumerism dominates every thing.Global level suppliers of consumer goods compete among themselves to get more profits. Similarly the millions of consumers compete to get hold of the latest models ,the cheapest things,the most durable things etc.  There is breakneck competition.  Industries making consumer goods  , aided by Science and Technology,dump mountain loads of goods into towns and cities. Mountain loads of unethical entertainment is also being dumped  through TV/print media/Internet etc. The technologies of photography,sound,video,radio, cinema,TV,color printing ,bulk printing, cell phone,computer etc have reached such levels of perfection that a lower middle class citizen is able to get supply of high technology goods and consequent material satisfaction out of life equal to kings and emperors of old.

But unfortunately among  not a few  ordinary people  bad habits like taking excess of  intoxicants (like liquors,drugs ) and following a cynical and unethical way of life  and trying to adopt wrong means to earn quick money  or to gain positions of power is  increasing to an alarming level. This is only due to the evil influence of some

aspects of” modernism” which is really not modernism at all. The propagandist and suggestive ideas floated by print media and electronic media though perhaps not deliberate are most dangerously injecting crime ,immorality and anti-religious and anti-spiritual mentality into the minds of ordinary citizens and making them loose their belief in goodness and culture.All these things are like sharp swords or easily operable machine guns in the hands of ordinary citizen.

Some persons appear to have utterly lost fear of sin and the hereafter and appear to follow wrong means.The stories in books,cinema,TV,radio etc are making people loose faith in goodness,morality and extreme sanctity of life. The behaviour of such persons towards society becomes problematic and  problem creating. This in turn  creates a  general fear complex in society.  Particularly women , children and old people are getting increasingly  frightened and nervous.

Let us now return to the world of 10000  thousand years ago when all society was rural.Only a few hundred and at the most a few thousand people lived at a place.No man went beyond 10 or 20 kilometers from his home.He breathed unpolluted air and ate unpolluted food.He worked hard in his fields from morn to evening and had great satisfaction in having a good meal after a day’s manly work.Women had nothing to fear as they lived in shelter of house under care of adoring male members. They had no need to go into the crowd unprotected to earn a living.Food was plenty as food grains were plenty.A man and his wife and children could lead a calm and danger free life in a small hut. There was great affection among family members and relations. Organized religions had not yet started to divide society.Every man had the chance to live a calm life free of crime,air pollution,pollution from TV/automobile/two wheelers etc . Even later in the golden age of religions i.e. in thier early glorious periods  it was a heaven of great morality,art and simplicity and close communion with Mother Nature.

Let us by all means have all the things of modern civilization  for ever and ever—Internet,cell phone, cinema/TV/news paper; automobile and motor cycles, trains and airplanes; college and universities;banks,star hotels and clubs etc etc But let us have a completely crime free ,pollution free world.

Scientists  predict complete destruction of Earth’s atmosphere and consequent extermination of the biosphere if the earthlings are too sefish and reckless.human beings are like submicroscopic bacteria compared to the might and sige of Planet Earth. Man thoughtlessly is creating difficulties for himself and taking the earth on a path of no return. The situation is like that of a person jumping out of  fiftieth story  to escape flames in his room.We have only one inhabitable Earth within our reach in the whole Universe as on date. Next “Planet Earth ” may require 10000 years of journey by rocket to reach! None is going to keep an air conditioned room ready when we reach there “after a 10000 year nonstop  journey!”  We of the human race are destroying  this “one and only Earth” due to extreme stupidity and extreme selfishness and extreme ignorance of the predictions of science

These are just stray thoughts .When will the scientists and the scientific thinkers and scientifically trained artists and (scientific)philosophers take charge and save this already burning house called Earth?  The greatest danger facing the Earth is loss of our morality, ethics and spirituality and loss of our belief in  them and loss of our belief in the basic goodness of man. It appears that stupidity has increased in certain aspects to such levels that man who is like an insignificant insect is challenging Nature which is like a mount Everest on that scale.  One feels that science is galloping like an unreigned in horse.Only Science plus High Ethics and Morality(the famous Budhist formula)  is our salvation.


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